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Chinese premier’s visit of Pakistan and the continued natural siege in Hunza Valley

Destruction of the Highway has completely severed land connections between China and Pakistan since January 4, 2010. It has also stranded a population of over 25,000 people in the upper Hunza (Gojal) Valley. The stranded people have been demanding Chinese help for opening of the river blockade. So far, however,...

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Two MQM groups involving GB youth clash in Karachi

PT Report Karachi, December 17: Two groups within the Mutahida Qaumi Movement, comprising of youth from Gilgit – Baltistan,  fiercely fought each other in the streets of Aysha Manzil, Karachi. The feuding groups used stones, sticks, iron bars, chairs and chains of motorcycle in the worst infighting involving MQM groups....

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Ashura observed in Hunza – Nagar, Gilgit and Baltistan

Mourners in Nagar Valley remember Imam Hussain (AS) and his companion who sacrificed their lives for the glory of Islam. Similarly processions were held in Ghanche, Skardu, Astore and Gilgit also, amid tight security. Source: Online

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