New-media and political activism


The usage of social networks for promotion of political activism is on the rise in Gilgit - Baltistan, just like other parts of the world. The above is a digital artist's way of expressing solidarity with the groups who are preparing to observe a Black Day on January 4, 2011. The "Black Day" is being observed to express dissatisfaction with the recovery and rehabilitation process of the affectees of Attabad landslide disaster. Source: Facebook

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  1. Let someone including Pamir Times do a tally of total aid received by affectees of Attabad and compare this to affectees of other natural disaster like July 2010 floods and you will reach conclusion that affectees of Attabad have received far more aid/assistance than others.
    One has to be fair and just.The country is going through economic crisis.

    We all than FOCUS for the help,advice given during Attabad crisis. Also we thank local administration and NDMA after Gen Nadeem become Chairman

  2. Why should be we thankful to the Government in this situation.The cost of our social and mental loss is far more than the relief provided.Instead of providing millions of relief they could have drained the water at much a low cost.this is nothing their politic tactics and foreign pressures.Does anyone imagine how much we are paying for travelling upto Gilgit.
    Strike and protests are the rights of people and these sensbile people know they dont want dal and chawal but they want their normal life in place,love to feed themselves by their earnings not being beggers.

    Sher Khan Arab

  3. Good work guys. Keep it up. We have to demonstrate to our oppressors that we will not submit to their exploitative tactics. We will fight and win our rights we will chart out our own destiny.

    Trangfa Majujood
    Shishper Meadows

  4. No matter whether we observe black day or yellow day things will not be changed.The only thing we required to do is to educate our youth by having in mind a long term vision for the region.Though We are educated only for livelihood and we haven’t yet nourished communal thinking in our people.That is why most of our students in the very begging of their academic career opt for natural science not social or management sciences which is dire need to change mind set of the people.KIU is a live example in front of the you by not having a political science department.It signifying that neither we are keen to be political in a true sense/professional way nor the government is in favor to make us aware about our political rights.Whats leadership and whats its importance for a nation to be in the forefront of decision making, is not yet in the mind of our youth.The only remedy to get rid of these miniseries and helplessness is to avoid quick fix and must look at our weakness due to which we are suffering.

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