Birthday of Quaid -e- Azam today

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, known as Quaid-e-Azam, was the man who led the struggle for creation of Pakistan. His birthday is being celebrated across Pakistan today.

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  1. We are sorry Jinnah we, the youth of Pakistan, never get to know you. Our minds were painted with your picture as a “True Mullah Muslim” by our text books. We always look at you in terms of a creator of so called Islamic State. We know you in the context of two nation’s theory (Islam vs. Hinduism), which I believe was not yours. Dear Quaid, your real and true personality, ideas, ideals, and aspirations were distorted by every true Pakistani: politicians, academicians, historians, journalists, intellectuals and mullahs alike. They did not stopped there, but kept on distilling those distorted picture in our minds through every possible means. Every one painted you in their own color. Today, those who called you “Kafir-e-Azam” have become the true heir and defendant of your ideologies. We are so confused; we never get to know you. We ourselves are also blamed for not striving to know you. We also never tried to understand you. Everyone claim we love Quaid, I think, it is only because of your image on the currency notes. But it is true we don’t know you well….Sorry Quaid.

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