[Gilgit] Black Day – January 4

Gilgit, January 04: The Government has failed to fulfil its promises despite of the lapse of one year after Attabad landslide devastation.  This was said by the speakers included leaders of different political parties and the representatives of the affected people of Gojal during a peaceful rally near City Part Chowk in Gilgit. A large number of people of Gojal residing in Gilgit as well as political activists from different parties participated in the rally.

The speakers demanded release of water from the dammed river on war-footing with the help of Chinese Government. They condemned the authorities’  “wait and sees policy” which has resulted in widespread destructions in Gojal Tehsil.  They said that half of the destructions could have been avoided but lack of commitment from relevant authorities aggravated the situation.  The rally approved a resolution outlining basic demands of the people of Gojal.

Addressing the gathering APML GB Organiser Karim Khan criticised the Government and praised the role of Pak Army in dealing with the disaster. He said the corrupt rulers are busy in looting the country.

PYF Chief Organiser Baba Jan, however, also criticised on the role of FWO in the disaster situation. He said the Government of a country having atomic power even lacks the capacity to deal with a small disaster. He condemned the role of Gen (rtd.) Farooq, former NDMA Chief for his suspicious role during the entire episode.

Mr. Ali Qurban said that the man-made disaster pulled back the development of the region. He called for action against the criminal negligence.

Muhammad Aslam said that raising their voices against injustice is basic right of the people and the authorities should avoid suppressing the voices rather provide ease to the people. He said the disaster has paralysed the economy of the Gojal Tehsil. He demanded for the provision of health facilities to the stranded people.

Ghulam uddin, representative of the affected people of Shishkat blamed the Government for engaging people in false promises. He said the affected people even don’t hold land to fix tent. He demanded for the rehabilitation of people on alternate land.

Similarly, the BNF and GBDA Chiefs also criticised the role of national and GB Government during the disaster. They assured their parties support with the affected people of Hunza.

Those who addressed the rally included APML GB Organiser Karim Khan, Baba Jan; PYF Chief Organiser, Safdar Karim; President BNF, Burhan; GBDA, Zaffar Abbas; MQM, Ali Qurban, Alwaiz Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Jalil, Ghulam uddin and Darvesh Ali.

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