Zafar Iqbal, MD NATCO Gilgit – Baltistan promoted to 21 grade

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Islamabad, January 14: On recommendation of the NATCO Gilgit – Baltistan Board of Directors, the acting governor has promoted MD Zafar Iqbal to grade 21. His promotion has been officially notified. Zafar Iqbal has been heading NATCO GB for the past 20 years. According to information the BoD had recommended Zafar’s promotion in March 2010, under NATCO Service Rules.

He has worked hard for success of the organization and at the moment NATCO is the only successful semi-government public transport company of Pakistan. NATCO has expanded services from Gilgit – Baltistan to Chitral, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi, operating a fleet of 300 buses. NATCO is also responsible for supply of wheat and other essentials.

The decision of Zafar’s promotion to 21st grade has been lauded in Gojal Valley and other parts of Gilgit – Baltisatn. However, some forces do not seem to be happy. Technocrat member of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Amjad Advocate, has been vocally opposing Zafar Iqbal by issuing statements in the regional press.

Employees Association of NATCO has hailed the decision and termed it a very important step for success of the organization.

Zafar Iqbal’s life story is full of highs and lows. As a student in Karachi, he also worked at a factory as a labourer and one of his fingers got chopped off in a machine. During the Musharraf regime, he was suspended by Faisal Saleh Hayat on charges of corruption and made an OSD. However, he was reinstated by the competent authorities because none of the charges could be proved against him.

For a brief period of time Zafar has also worked for the AKRSP, before joining NATCO Gilgit – Baltistan. He holds a degree in law and another in commerce. He is also a prominent social leader and has served as President of the Ismaili Regional Council for Gilgit.

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  1. Many many congratulations to uncle Zafar on behalf of my family members, he is the pride of Gojal valley and he has served the jammat as well as the Govt. He devoted his life for the people and the area that no words can describe it. May allah grant him more and more success and unity among his family.

  2. Bravooooooooooooooooooo Congratssssssssssssss Mamu Jan …..
    yea he always Rockssssssssss
    Keeepppppppp Rcking Mamu Jan and God bless you with Good health n Happiness. Ameen

  3. Congratulations my dear mamu on behalf of all my family members…….. we are proud of you………May Allah give you more successes in life (AMEEN)

    Sadia Aziz

  4. Many many congratulations to Zafar Iqbal Sahib on behalf of my family members, he is the pride of Gojal valley and he has served the jammat as well as the Govt. He devoted his life for the people and the area that no words can describe it. May allah grant him more and more success and unity among his family. ( Ameen)
    Once again Congratz to You and your family Members
    Karim Jan & Family

    PDCN Gilgit

  5. Dear Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sahb,

    Heartiest Congratulations on your promotion, wishing you the best of luck and pray for your success.

    Best regards,

    Asghar Khan
    Assistant Director of Sales
    Serena Hotels

  6. Congrulations to uncle Zafar and his family.Indeed it is an occasion of proud for the area.He has been working sincerely since has taken the position of MD in NATCO. We wish him furhter successes.
    Lets hope that uncle works far more better for GB in the particular sector and provide a secure and quality transport facility to people and revenue to Government of Pakistan.
    Student Community on this particular occasion demands higher share in the transport facility through more student seats. Hope Mr.Zafar gives consideration to this genuene demand
    Sher Khan

  7. Heartiest MUBARKBADI on the occasion of the Promotion of Mr. Zafar Iqbal.
    We hope he would continue his journey of success as well as his KHIDMAT.
    Kindest regards

  8. Congratulations to Zafar iqbal for his deservingly promotion
    you was deserving for such promotion.
    To day almost all Government sectors are facing financial difficulties or (running with Hugh defect)
    NATCO is the only organization by your leader ship and perfect management system it is running with it is own resource.
    It is a sense of pride for all Goalies and pakistanys to make you as example of hard work transparent and people friendly, organization friendly management system to service for common people.

    Hikayat shah
    Saudi Arabia

  9. Congratulations to sir Z afar Iqbal, his entire Family and Xik Murdum on the behalf of Chipurson Educational & Social Forum (CESF) members. Relay you worked hard and achieved the goal.


  10. Congratulations to Zafar Sahib
    we are proud of your achivements, Hope for the best service to GB

  11. Many many heartiest congratulations to respected Zafar Iqbal on his promotion! We hope that ZI will make NATCO more profitable organization and integrate modern transportation systems into it.

  12. congurlation uncle. you deserve this. we hope your further service for the people of G_B region and specially for the people of passsu.

  13. my heartly conguralation uncle. your services for the region are countless. besides transportational development, your efforts are also vessible in jammati services. we hope that you will contine your services for the improvement of G_B and specially for Gojal.
    Mirbaz Ali Mir

  14. congralation Zafar Sir, we are proud of you. your services are appericated in the jamat and also out of the jamat.keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kARACHI ( 9-ZERO)

  15. congrats dada for the promotion..:-)
    hope there comes alot of benifits to the people of GB along this promotion..:-)
    Just ROK !

  16. What a wonderful and good news.Count me among those who listened first. Congratulation. God may give you courage and support to run the organisation and serve the nation of Gilgit/Baltistan particularly and in general Pakistan. Keep it up brave.

  17. We congratulate uncle Zafar Iqbal for his wonderful achivements. Although we are aware that you have crossed to many pros and cons but even then u reamin determined to your work. so your wisdom in adminstation has set an example to all of us
    with best wishies and regard
    Ali Masud

  18. Many congratulations to uncle Zafar Iqbal on his promotion. He is a great leader of our valley(Gojal-Hunza). In future under your leadership, we expect more advancement in NATCO services,equipped with modern facilities(electronic ticket system, Hifi internet services in the buses,standard and clean fast food stops etc..) of transportation system. Once again congratulations on your great services. May Mowla bless you good health and the strength to serve for the people of our area and nation(Aameen).

    Shamim Ali

  19. congratulation for your personal as well organization excellence,we appreciate your contribution for strengthening NATCO the only public sector transport Pakistan.It is really comfartable family transport company.Keep the best practices ahead and be modest.

    Saleem Khan and family

  20. Heartiest congratulaions on your well deserved promotion and best wishes for your future promotions, health and happiness. Col Mahmud Beg, Gilgit.

  21. Many Many Congratulations to uncle Zafar Iqbal on his promotion. May Mowla bless you good health and the strength to serve for the people of our area and nation(Aameen).

    Ghulam Hussain
    Dow International University ,Karachi
    Department Of Radiology

  22. It is really a good news at personal level. Promotion of officials in government is daily business. Everyday we read news about promotion of officers but it is only our region that starts congratulations. Why people do not raising question what he has done to people of even Passu let alone the Gojal? We are so imbecile that he will contest election after retirement and become a leader. Why we are accepting people as our leaders who spend their life time serving a particular organisation and ignore people who are actively engage with real issues of our society. Please Gojalies open your minds. what is use of your high literacy rate if you cannot see things in their own context?

  23. Mr. Nazeer your statement seems more personal/emotional then Rational…. In a society you will find plenty people having diverse nature …… there are people who love to live like a Parasite this kind of nature is hard to change …they love to be dependent and look at someone else for support or to feed them.
    I know Mr. Zafar Iqbal well; he is dynamic in nature, and a self made person, never relied on anyone else during his professional career. May be you are right that his contribution is almost nothing but God knows well.
    One thing I want to clear that when HE was going through his unkind professional career, when he was suffering for nothing then WHERE were those Gojalies or so called society at that time?????
    I never found even a fake statement during that time in any local or national newspaper in his favor ….. Everyone was silent like a dead Ostrich…… now why they are seeking support/help or guidance from him.
    We have proven ourselves that we are friends in good time only.
    For your kind Info there are many other Govt. Officials from Gojal who even don’t know the area well ….what about those????? …. They are just having the name tag of Gojal that’s it.
    and You are one of those who welcome them in Events as a Chief Guest instead of criticizing them.

  24. President sahib, Really it is proud and honour for all of us that our two graet committed social workers as well as good leaders have got promotion. Maj. General Salman and you . I congratulate to you and your family on this great achievement .
    Ali Mehr
    Danyore Gilgit

  25. Well deserved promotion. should have been promoted long time ago.
    Congratulation to and all family.
    Mujahid Khan
    United Kingdom

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