[SAMA TV Program on Karakoram] قراقرم کے رنگ


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  1. This show presented the wrong culture of Gilgit-Baltistan.
    50% of the culture shown on this show was not even known to us..! Strange..!
    Females dancing on TV, the outfits, the wedding, calling Abe-Shifa as simple water were the things at least I didn’t know about.

    Great research SAMA TV..!

  2. The Perverts were seen on T.v representing our Culture on T.v.. these people were at Pak Towers Karachi too.. nothing matched starting from the dresses, female dance, the narration of how our marriages are.. the dancing girls of Hunza sends a very wrong message to the world out there.

    1. Why are you affaried of girls classical dancing. It was in the past man and women danced togther in our culture but later stage the female went behind the screen due to the imposition conservative cultur in the country. Go back to Badakhshan and see how colourful is our culture and man women dancing togther. We are all becoming conservative being living in this country. The dress she is wearing is very much similar of the old time ladies use to wear, which still prisist in Tajik culture… go to Chaina and Tajikistan for comparitive analysis. We have lost our peculirity of our culture in becoming conservative moderanised. Your responses are welcomed

  3. the so called Kalam that the guy sang summed up who were behind the show and how misleading they are.

  4. “dancing girls of Hunza sends a very wrong message to the world out there”????? just wait and watch upcoming programs about Kheyber-pakhtoon , Balochistan , Sindh and Punjab. Each event in Pakistan and in the world cultural groups are consist of male and female and they do dance too .!! What’s wrong if cultural group form GB consist of male and female performers??
    Ya I agree there where some minor mistakes too , just ignore the mistakes and encourage such cultural events

    1. if you look your history culture includes refer to social heritage.that is all in the knowledge ,beliefs ,customs and skills .but hunza culture is quite differnt of other cultures on air samma tv our people respresent contempt of our culture .in our culture is not allow me to dance ladies in our marriage traditions how say thats my culture. that culture is kalasian .may i request to our culture promoters should be contemplated on ethics values of our culture.lastly i say to my comming and new generations to keep and show your forefathers cultures not show and fictous culture.


  5. First of all thank you Sama Channel for initiating a program based on cultures of Pakistan but keep this in head too that culture represents an entire region and inhabitants of that area are highly touchy about their living and cultural values. If you are up to promoting a culture then it needs serious research and enthusiastic efforts to know that particular culture and doing ultra to this only brings mis-representation of a culture. At first I was too much excited for ‘Karakoram ke Rang’ but latter on it was an entire disappointment. Instead of showing culture of Gilgit-Baltistan it was promoting some unknown values and cultures for which my head is still spinning.

  6. Grow up Hunzokuch
    I personally appreciate what has been shown on Sama morning show though; I could only see the second half. I think, the credit goes to BRA. Wait wait…….I know some of you are so offensive of BRA initiatives. Now, I question those who claim to be the brand ambassadors of GB culture please answer;
    What is culture? Does culture remain static? If it does so, then why don’t you dress up like your fore parents? Why don’t you eat the food they used to eat? If you are the preservers and conservers of your culture, then why don’t you lead a pastoralist life like they did and stop studying in country and abroad? Didn’t they dance in couples in the name of “Pagal Nach” and what to talk of history, even today; aren’t you dancing in your private functions? If you are so against the DANCE then why you watch Indian movies and dance shows so desperately? So, please grow up mentally a bit and thank Moulana Hazir Imam million times a second all your life for he, eliminated your sufferings in the hands of so called Mirs and their Hawaris and elevated you to this stage. Accept the change, live and let others live or go join Taliban and kill those who danced in the show.

  7. @ Zohra Khanum says, “the credit goes to BRA” There is no link of BRA with the SAMMA PROGRAM, It is organize by PAK TOWER culture group, In past they organize many programs about the different cultures of Pakistan.

  8. It is very simple and joyful to point out someone in any matter rather than to appreciate them, thanks to that person who come forward and make his efforts to encourage our culture and tradition through media also thanks to samaa channel and hope that other channels will also encourage us. The people who point out that programme, have also some opinion rather wrong or right. So asked question from your self that if you are very serious about your culture preservation so what have you done in your life till yet for this serious issue?. The programme was good but had some mis conceptions so i hope that the in future this mis conceptions will also removed, i have many things to write but my class is going to start, tc.

  9. @Zohra Khanum & @nazia : There is no use to curse or praise BRA, I have checked their website””
    there is no clue that they organized this event. Host and guest mentioned it several times that this program was organized by Pak towers. I congregate Pak towers and hope they support more useful programs in future too

  10. Can we all take a minute and think this through! Its not about theoretical definitions of culture and so. We live in a real world and yes, culture does evolve over time; however, every individual’s got the right to choose how they perceive and see the culture around them. This does not mean that it represents every one of us. Lets at least appreciate the fact that Sama TV recognised the existence of such a culture which is one of the many cultures in Pakistan. But this does not mean its the right representation of our culture. Thus, its very important to portray a culture which is followed by the majority of the population of that area rather than a small minority.
    @ Zohra, thanks for the suggestion but I’m pretty sure Hunzokuch have come a long way from where they used to be. And if you believe that men and women dancing together symbolizes modernity then I’m sorry to break it to you but you’re quite wrong. Modernity comes from your intellectual development rather than your outlook! And I am confident that Hunzokuch have reached a decent level of mental development compared to where they were only decades ago!
    And just to let you know that MHI emphasizes on the importance of preserving our culture and values rather than distorting it in the name of so called ‘modernisation’.

  11. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    I never realized that culture is something that requires its appreciation through a morning show, mix with some cooking tips, some useless junk talk, with an undertone of a salesman, putting out a stall full of colorful things and making it up as the show proceeds. If that’s true we done it! Brethren and Sistren (for gender balance, as it’s a cultural issue for us nowadays, sorry make it the other way).

    For once wake up people, morning shows are there to wake you up!

    Most of you are right in saying that culture is a dynamic entity and changes in a living and dynamic society. It need no promotion, rather defines the social subconscious. And by the appearance of thing now a day I must say this morning show is the most accurate representation of our culture.

    My humble opinion in this matter would be, to take pride in you history and heritage (including the parts that are pre-Islamic), understand the discourses of our folk, myth, architecture and other ideologies. Then adopt modernity with a critical engagement. The emergent will be culture nothing more nothing less. Your understanding and engagement will certainly produce “projections of your culture” far better the mockery above.

    If we look, there are certain people among us doing this kind of work, but unfortunately the majority of us are super-facial nerds, holding management degrees and looking out for ever possible opportunity to present that USP (Unique selling preposition). At a time when we have lost every thing that made us what we were, what better thing to sell then the only thing that makes us what we are, “a false super-structure, with hints of realty, called our culture”.

    My marketing brain says we should hold a “Miss Karakorum Contest” and in the back drop present our culture!

    What say ya?

  12. I can’t stop myself from saying with excitement!

    Khurram HAMARRA CULTURE KITNA RICH HAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Khurram finally realizes that he seeing some presentation of Kalash!

    Khurram thank you for telling that!
    A sigh of relief from me!

  13. The show was not on Karakoram, it was just representing a specific group. There exists great diversity due to religio-cultural affiliations of people lving in the Karakoram. Such programmes should be well researched.

    The dress of Maya and other handicrafts displayed were mostly Afghan/Baloch and Iranian origins and the people of Karakoram of any origin never used such dresses, even the Pamiri people have different dresses. If someone wants to see the old dresses they can compare it with the images of Lorimers taken in 1930s.

    The question is not just women can dance or not, the problem is with the religio-political context we are living within GB or Pakistan. Yes someone above has rightly mentioned that women openly dance in other Pamir regions but there religio-political sensitivities are totally different from us here. For an inclusive and harmonised development we should not directly compare ourselves with those in Europe, USA or Russia but those around you. Yes change is taking place and if these sensitivities are no more there then we can adopt things accordingly. Change is a gradual process and when we tried to jump above the process our generations will be long affected.

    @ Mr. Rehmat Alam. you are right in saying that Taliban is the one restricting dance but unfortunately we are trapped within Taliban. So in order to protect ourselves we should take care of all sensitivities.

    Educated and informed decision is the only way to survive.

    There is now a specific group within us promoting their hidden agenda on the name of culture and relgion.

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