Senior Corruption Minister?

“1097 people get jobs without tests and interviews”

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According to a news report published in the Daily Baad-e-Shimal one of GB’s most credible newspapers, senior minister of the GB cabinet, Wazir Jafar, has appointed as much as 1097 people at different positions in various government departments.

Wazir Jafar - minister for food and agriculture

All of these appointees belong to his own electoral constituency, the newspaper reports. No tests and interviews were taken for hiring these people, the report alleges.

Most of the beneficiaries of this alleged massive irregularity are reported to be relatives and voters of the Senior Minister, who also acts as acting chief minister when Mehdi Shah is out of the region.

The reports also observes that as much as 3992 people have been employed by the PPP government in one department of the NAPWD.

In the past government functionaries and leaders have, however, accused the regional newspapers of spreading rumours against the PPP ministers.

Wazir Jafar has reportedly denied the allegations as baseless.

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  1. I will trust Minister to be telling the truth till such time that Newspaper prints at least 10% names [ an audit is done on 10% of record unless some fraud is detected 100% checking is not done ] and addresses of those who have obtained employment with out any test.

    Unless that paper prints list to prove they were reporting this for public good not to blackmail at least Pamir Times should stop using them as source.

    Reason for above is that if that paper is looking to have news then now a day Courts are quite active in protecting rights of those who approach them. My question is why that Paper could not find a single person whose rights were affected through alleged act to go to court? Helping a person secure his/her rights and reporting same in paper is much bigger story then some write up with no proof.

  2. This is a highly filthy and contaminated ifection to the people of GB.It is really shamful to distort a society that is at already at the brink of disaster.They do not like peole who like merit and go on the right path,it is very discouraging for those who follow merit and believe in hard work.The culture of corruption led by the top leadership will promote further corruptions in all segment of society but still a big majority will fight against such crimes to prevent our society from political and regional nepotism.

  3. A highly shameful act by our BIG BOSS!!!!really disgusting……they are our representatives and we expect fair and just system from them…..if Mr. Jafer
    is bit EDUCATED and have some beliefs………………………………then it is a slap on not only his respect and esteem but on the Whole inhabitants of gilgit baltistan……!!!!!!!

  4. This is the peek of corruption! if this case is investigated fairly then it will probably be proved that all of these are close relatives of the so called minister or many of them would have highly paid Mr. Minister for the above mentioned cause.
    Shame on such leader who don’t care of Merit, who prefer money over merit.
    All GBian s condemn it exept those who get benifit out of it.

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