[Feature] Story of a daughter of GB on humanitarian mission in her homeland


Dr. Fauzia Wali Khan was one of the bright professionals of Gilgit – Baltistan who responded to the call of their motherland, after a mega disaster was caused by torrential rains mid last year. She is daughter of Admiral Mumtaz Wali Khan and a cousin of Amna and Afra Wali Khan, the famed skiing champs of South Asian Games.

Dr. Fauzia holds the following professional distinctions and responsibilities. She is Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Director Geriatric Unit, St Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Boston,  Director of Consult and Emergency Psychiatric Services and Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Tufts University School of Medicine Boston, Massachusetts USA.

She came representing the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA) ( and DOW medical college, her Alma mater.

Not only did Dr. Fauzi and her colleagues provide food and non-food relief items to the affected people in the affected parts of Haim, Mushko and Gahkuch, they also conducted medical camps and career counselling sessions for students at different schools. The team of dedicated volunteers also provided scholarships and grants to different schools and colleges for helping the affected students.

Start-up money was also provided for reconstruction of houses.

The intellectual, moral and material generosity of Dr. Fauzia Wali Khan and the donors with whom she collaborated has lessons of inspiration for the GBian diaspora living across the globe. The ‘labour of love’, as Dr. Fauzia calls her humanitarian work, has helped hundreds of distressed and helpless households to look towards the future with hope.

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  1. Thank you very much Team Pamir Times to show the positive side of every thing in GB, which includes todays column about the outstanding Intellectual Dr. Fauzia Wali Khan. I hope pamir times will continue the same formate of delevering news to the mail stream with positive Approch. Regard Hanif Arif Lahore.

  2. It really pains when we think about corruption in every field in our society. For example, those Doctors who don’t get marks or get admission on merit but using the quota of GB become doctors but they never go back to that area for service…Is this not moral n legal corruption? In recent flood ,on call from Punjab Govt for doctors to serve in GB for short time …there were only two female voluntary doctors who showed their interest to go for relief work…this is shame not only for those doctors but also for their proud parents who used to be proud for nothing special;)
    I request to media like pamir times to highlight these genuine issues of corruption which become legal n traditional.
    Hat off to this daughter of GB who used her connections n visited GB to serve n felt the pain of her homeland n. God bless her n a lot of prayers..

  3. Thank you Pamir time for highlighting the humanitarian work of Dr.Fouzia Wali khan . I am sure it will encourage all physicians living abroad to get involved and help people in our Motherland and particularly GB .
    My heartiest congratulations to Dr.Wali Khan .

  4. Dear All,

    Thanks for the information of such Mother Land Sister. We all salute to the Dr. Fouzia Wali Khan and hope this ud encourage the rest Professionals to come and serve GB in crises. My special congratulations to the Wali Family and and very special congrats to doctor sahiba

    Engr. Baig Ali & family Islamabad

  5. Dr Fauzia is very well known for her welfare work in general and her contribution to Northerm areas in particular Gilgit Baltistan. Her courage, will and committment is carved out of steel and she is very well respeceted by her associates and colleagues. Her immense capacity to share and care is recognised by all of us and is not limited by boundaries.
    Dr Umar Daraz Khan. Plastic Surgeon, England

  6. we need a kind of ‘peace corps’ for Pakistani youth
    people in every walk of life to come serve their country or the country of their parents for a few years while they young, energized, full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm.
    this will go a long way in encouraging volunteerism later in life.
    not only for the particular area where you have roots, but anywhere where you are needed in the world.

    Dr Fauzia sets a great example, particularly for Pakistani women who are mostly held back from venturing too far afield.

  7. It is truely heart warming to read about the humanitarian work Dr FWK is doing in GB. I know her from Dow Medical college in Karachi where we were classmates . She is an inspiration to all of us who have settled in the West but still have deep belonging to our Motherland. Her dedication to the humanitarian work is all inspiring and we salute her. God bless her and her family.

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