Prof. Bhim Singh invites Hindu fanatics to "join in the march to hoist Tiranga in Astore"

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Jammu, January 22 (Scoop News) – Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and Member, National Integration Council today invited saffron leaders to join Panthers Party in their march to Gilgit to hoist the National Flag in Astore (Gilgit) to prove their mite and commitment to the national cause.

In a statement Bhim Singh said that BJP which claims that J&K is Atoot Ang (Integral Part) of Bharat (India) has raised a question mark about J&K’s integration by their so-called Ekta March to Srinagar to hoist National Flag in the heart of city as if Lal Chowk in Kashmir is under enemies occupation.

He said that the tragic part is National Conference has been projecting BJP’s slogan with the beatings of drums through their print and electronic media to boost the dying political morale of BJP.

Bhim accused weak and undeceive Central leadership for surrendering to the communal trap of National Conference & BJP via J&K planned to foment communal fire in the country which suits National Conference in Kashmir Valley and BJP in Jammu and in the rest of the country.

Bhim said that BJP has been exploiting Kashmir the way they did vis-a-vis Babri Masjid thus rose their strength from one MP to 180 MPs. National Conference finds itself quite comfortable in the cosy lap of BJP and BJP has been receiving a political boost in the rest of the country and in Jammu province by the communal cards being played by NC.

He said the world should ask BJP leadership why they kept quite on Article 370 and flag hoisting in Kashmir when they ruled with absolute authority for six years.

He accused National Conference for playing double standards vis-a-vis their relations with BJP and other communal parties. He cautioned the people of J&K in particular to beware of the latent common agenda of NC-BJP against secular forces.


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