CIADP and AVDP join hands for development of Ayun Valley, Chitral

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: Chitral Integrated Area Development Program (CIADP), a Norwegian funded organization,  has singed  an agreement with  Ayun Valley Development Program (AVDP) for  different developmental schemes, like up-gradation and maintenance (repairing) of Jashtakan (Kalash cultural place) at Anish as well as up-gradation of Kalash Dancing Site in the Kalash valley.

Manager of AVDP, Wazir Zada Kalash, told local pressmen that CIADP will provide financial support to LSO while AVDP rendering technical support and implementation. Besides, CIADP will also provide fund for construction of 8 irrigation channels, 5 potable drinking water schemes, 2 protective walls, sanitation projects street pavement stairs, community toilets and bathrooms in 5 villages.

AVDP, reportedly, has also imparted training to 60 persons belonging to the valley in livestock management, health  and hygiene training to 470 women, training to 12 women in traditional birth attendance. CIADP has, additionally, provided some 20 million rupees for this purpose while the community spent 2 million of its share.

AVDP has been established in the area with a vision for institutionally strong networking with each other and collaboration with govt. and private sector, on the basis of trust and mutually accountability in pursuit of socio-economic development and prosperity is our vision. Strengthen civil society organizations to perform an affective role as a full partner with government and private sector in the Chitral socio-economic development is our mission. Main objectives of AVDP are sustaining growth and development, minimizing poverty through institutional arrangement and improving social services in the focused area Wazir Zada added.

Empowering women by building their capacities in marketable skills and creating job opportunities is main aim of the organization. Reducing environmental degradation in Ayun area and Kalash valleys by strengthening local institutions and stakeholders, promoting participatory concept of development in the focused area, reviving traditional norms of self-help and self-reliance, Wazir further said.

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