Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Mehdi Shah and Wazir Baig visit dammed Hunza River

“Spillway to be opened on March 21”

PT Report

Gulmit, March 15: Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah, and Speaker GBLA, Wazir Baig, have paid a visit to the dammed Hunza River today. They performed the formality of “inaugurating” the already operational boat service launched by NATCO Gilgit – Baltistan.

According to sources, the blocked spillway will be opened on March 21, the “New Year” eve.

The CM and Speaker have, reportedly, handed over some cash to a community organization for distribution among the IDPs of Attabad Landslide  and Gojal Lake Disaster.

A large number of PPP supporters had, reportedly, gathered in Gulmit to receive their party leaders. They were, however, disappointed because the two leaders did not visit the valley, due to “bad weather”.

According to local people boats were operating the whole day.

8 thoughts on “Mehdi Shah and Wazir Baig visit dammed Hunza River

  1. Firstly, where do all these “large number” of people manage to come from, Secondly, Navroz Mubarak 🙂

  2. Sajad Sap
    these large number of ppl are the real jiyalaas of PPP and most of them include those who casted votes for other in the election and have came to PPP to make fun of the Party ….
    secondly all the viewers of PT ,,,,,
    Wazir Baig and other leader dont visit the Local PPL because Some of the Special jiyalas warn the leaders not to come to Public giving the reason that there is threat for their lives ,,,,,
    one may ask why the jiyalas are doing soo …. the answer is If the leaders and Public come Face to Face the Fraud and Corruption done by thoses Jiyalas will Come in Front of the Leaders and Media ………….
    the Interesting thing to be noted here is that The well Educated leaders of PPP have taken their Advisors and Informer those who even dont to write their name or who can change their party for 10 to 20 thousand rupees ….
    The Advisors and Informer have been given the name of Dalal by the Public …………….

  3. Both Wazir Baig and Mehdi Shah are local people and how come they cancel their visit to the affected areas and that is just due to weather condition???? seems nonsense…… I think it’s just they can’t face the local people due to their bad performance and mishandling of the Attabad disaster (yet they are even unable to devise any strategy for providing compensation to the affectees, Gulmit hospital is without any permanent doctor, no medicine in the hospital, no clear strategy for opening or widening of the spillway, etc… their party work should also realize now the failure of PPP govt in Pakistan and particularly in G-B

  4. The visit of Gojal was cancelled due to the following possible reasons:
    1. Non-availibity of Haili.
    2. Non-availibity of Air-Conditioned Boats
    3. Non-reliance on the boats provided by NATCo
    4. Safety measure to project from hitting shoes.
    5.Knowing the credibility of their visit.
    6. Knowing the auoqat of their Jiyalis.
    7.No need to visit Gojal because they know the situation well.
    8. The Jiyalas were not not gathered in sufficient number.

  5. Why would these morons pay a visit to blundered-land, which came up due to their heinous insincerity.The lovely valleys now display agony,despair and and rugged hope,and thus there is much to be done.

  6. what are the current stats about the barrier,the lake,the river level.
    please note that water inflow will increase due to snow melt.

    Are the early warning system set up by FOCUS still operating.Are they being properly maintained.

    can PT report on the above please

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