Cattle killed by snow leopard in Sost and Moorkhun, Gojal

Some of the dead animals reportedly killed by a snow leopard

PT Report

Sost, April 3: A Snow Leopard has attacked a cattle corral in Nazimabad, Sost, killing at least 11 Sheeps and Goat, according to information shared by Rehman Posh, Chairman of the Khunzhrav National Park.

In a separate incident, two Yaks have, reportedly, been killed at Moorkhun.

Similar incidents have also happened in the past, inflicting loss to the livestock farmers.

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  1. no it was’nt by snow leopard this was definitely done by wolfs because they are in 11 figs so snow lwopards kill just one not 11 so please save this creature

  2. Who will compensate the owners of these goats and sheeps? The Government of GB, GoP or the Conservation Agencies (WWF, IUCN, or MACP) or do they offer any alternate source of livelihood?

  3. Dear Mr. Maqpoon, How do you know that it was a wolf not a snow leopard that attacked the livestock? and secondly, a snow leopard does not kill more than 1. While it has killed more than 50 in Khunjerab (Dhee) last year.

    Please keep in mind that we have been trying our level best to save the nature in KNP for the last couple of years but when it starts to become a threat to our own source of livelihood, we will have to revise our dicision and ignore whether its rare or abandon…………..we need to protect our livelihood.

  4. It is for sure the result of wolves attack, the number of wolves has been steadily increasing and wolves do attack in group and tend to kill several animal at the same time.

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