[Ghizar Election] GB Government distributes 30 million rupees in LA 19, 36 hours ahead of polls

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Rivals allege pre-poll rigging

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Gilgit, April 26: The PPP led government in Gilgit – Baltistan has clearly attempted to influence results of by-elections in LA 19, Ghizar 1. The constituency comprises of parts of Punial and Ishkoman Tehsils, where the GBLA seat fell vacant after elation of Pir Karam Ali Shah to the post of GB Governor.

According to information shared by senior journalist, Israruddin Israr, the GB government showered village “project committees” in the constituency with at least 30 million rupees, 36 hours ahead of the polling, scheduled to be held on April 28. The announcement came on last day of the election campaign in the constituency.

Governor, CM, cabinet ministers and GBLA members have made several tours of the constituency to win support for Jawahir Ali Khan, the party candidate, in complete violation of laws. PML (N), Siddiq al  Farooq has already accused PPP of being involved in pre-poll rigging.

The “last minute” release of public fund is being seen as a bid to buy votes. PPP has been making frantic appeals to the voters to elect its retired bureaucrat candidate, Jawahir Ali Khan, amid tough competition offered by Nawaz Khan Naji (BNF) and PML (N) candidate, Col (r) Karim.

According to neutral sources, the nationalist leader Nawaz Naji has a visible edge over his rivals in the competition, a reality that seems to be giving nightmares to the PPP election strategists.

The Chief Minister has already said that even if Naji and Karim are elected by the people, they would not be able to accomplish much because, “they will have to come to me even for appointment of a peon”, he has said.

It is pertinent to note that a young man named Zubair was killed during the last election, which saw Naji getting the second majority voters. Supporters of Naji and BNF had accused the government of changing results, which led to violence and death of the youth.

Public circles have demanded of the candidates and parties to work for ensuring peaceful election in the region this time around.

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  1. what a shame, at a time when the cabinet was crying about insufficient funds for even small projects, on other hand they are showering money to buy voters, PPP government is for sure a corrupt party no doubt about that. I wonder when our people will be politically mature.

  2. shame on the so call champions of democracy violating all the rules and laws for just a seat,,,but all their efforts pp could not won the election ,people are crazy about nawaz khan naji.they are not ready to vote but their lives too,,despite all these fact if ppp again try to change the result ,then the peaceful district will go under unrest & uncertainity ,,if the election held free and fare then naji will get more then 9000 to 11000
    vote,,claim by independent sources

  3. Why shame….atleast this is the way some fund came to district, otherwise, when Pir was holding that constituency, who cared about it.

    Interestingly, PT got a new version of G-B map. There is no Hunza-Nagar District.

  4. The distribution of money indicates that the PPP has not trust in the voice of People. They have already confessed that they are not people’s party, rather they are wolf in the skin of sheep.

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