DAAD/UCA Scholarship Programme


  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the University of Central Asia (UCA) are carrying out a joint scholarship programme for graduates and doctoral students for the countries of Kasachstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well as for countries in the catchment area of the UCA, such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, parts of Northern Pakistan (only Gilgit-Baltistand and Malakand Division) and Western China (only Xinjiang). The scholarships are jointly awarded by the DAAD and the UCA for a Master’s degree course or for doctoral studies at German universities.
  • The DAAD/UCA Programme aims to train and recruit scientific staff to establish the UCA. In so doing, the programme will raise the state of scientific teaching and research in the countries of the region and so help to establish a network between German and Central Asian scientists and researchers.

  • As a rule, scholarships are awarded for a maximum of two years for a Master’s programme, and of three years for doctoral students. After completing their studies in Germany, the scholarship holders work for at least five years in research and teaching at the UCA.


  • The rates for scholarships amount to:
    750.- Euros per month for students enrolled in Master’s Programmes
    1,000.- Euros per month for doctoral students
  • The travel expenses and, as far as required and provided for, the costs for pre-study language courses are paid.
  • Doctoral students can receive the travel expenses for reasonably substantiated travel for the purpose of engaging in field research.
  • Family allowances and supplementary child allowance for spouses and children
  • An introductory seminar will be held for all participants after the studies have begun in Germany.


  • Interest in a subsequent teaching role at the University of Central Asia
  • Under the DAAD/UCA-Programme, support is given to Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Applied Physics, Geology, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science/Informatics, Engineering (Environmental Technology, Structure and Analysis of Complex Systems), Environmental Sciences, Geosciences and Resource Management.
  • Applicants for the Master’s programme must prove that they hold a first qualified university degree, as a rule, a Bachelor’s degree
  • Applicants for a Doctorate must prove that they hold a further qualified university degree, as a rule a Master’s degree. When submitting their application, all doctoral students must already prove that they have taken up contact with a possible German supervisor. Applications for structured German PhD programmes in the above-mentioned subject areas are also welcomed.
  • Consultation interview at the DAAD-IC in the respective country.

Application papers

  • In principle, applicants for Master’s programmes (a) and Doctoral programmes (b) are subject to the application papers and usual provisions specified in the DAAD Application Form “Application for a Research Grant/Study Scholarship”: Curriculum Vitae, Research Plan or Study Motivation, a reference by local professors or supervisors (for Master’s programmes) or two references (PhD), authenticated copies of the Abitur school-leaving certificate, of the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate or a Magister Diplom (Diplom specialista) or, in the case of students in their fourth academic year, an authenticated copy of the Course Record Book (Transcript of Records). In the case of applications for a Master’s programme, the application must be accompanied by an extract from the host university’s website with concrete details (title of the degree programme, study plan and the expected length of studies, language of instruction, admissions requirements plus information on any tuition fees) for the chosen degree programme; in the case of Doctoral scholarships/grants a letter confirming supervision by a German professor or proof of admission to a Doctoral programme and a detailed time and work plan are required. Language skills English and/or German have to be proved.
  • Copies of certificates and their translation must be authenticated. The health certificate only needs to be presented if the scholarship/grant is awarded.
  • The specified application forms are available on the internet ( or can be obtained from the DAAD-IC office.
  • Applications are submitted to the relevant DAAD-IC in the country in question.

Country-specific information, dates and deadlines, application address and advice

  • On the DAAD homepage, please go to where you will find further specific information for applicants from your home country, including on where applications should be sent to.
  • A full application (including all documents) must be submitted by 30 November of the current year, specifying the programme name DAAD/UCA-Scholarship Programme at the IC-Office in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan.
  • Advice and information on this programme, on studying in Germany and on taking up contact with German university teachers is provided by the DAAD IC-Office and the regional representations of the UCA.
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