Films screened in Hunza – Nagar as part of International Children's Festival

Children engrossed in watching a film being screened in Hunza - Nagar.

Special Reporter 

The Little Art in collaboration with Pak-US Alumni Network have brought the Lahore International Children’s Festival home, to Gilgit – Baltistan. First session of the festival was held in Hopper Valley of Nagar, attended by around 400 people, mostly children. Second session of the festival was held at Altit, Hunza Valley, on July 30.

The show consists of seven short films of various genres i.e. animation, claymation and live action. Although the languages of the films were alien to the local children, the films conveyed their messages through high visual value and music, specially developed for the children.

The films created a wonderful impact as children responded as active viewers, and shared the stories after with the festival team, mentioning the characters and situations of the films. For children in Hopper, this film screening was the first ever experience of any multimedia art form and it turned out to be a highly exciting and astonishing act for them.

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