[Police Terrorism in Hunza] Protests in Gilgit and Gahkuch

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  1. We condemn the act of firing on protesters. On the other hand the attack on Chief Executive of the province (CM) is also condemnable. It is the duty of law enforcement agencies to protect notables and key figures of government. So in order to rescue CM police fired on miscreants. Moreover, attacking and torching Government assets i.e. Police station, Police vehicles, DC Office, AC office etc is also condemnable. People do have right to protest peacefully but they have no right to create panic, chaos and subversion

  2. @ “hopeful”

    No body attacked the CM. He had even not reached Hunza when the police opened fire on the peaceful protesters.

    Don’t try to distort the realities.

    The day-light murder of two innocent citizens is condemnable and so are those who are trying to downplay the incident, by highlighting trivial issues.

    The Chief Minister has not descended from the skies. He should have himself went to meet the affected people of Attabad, to ask them about their difficulties.

    Instead, he and his corrupt minister are busy making profits by delaying disbursement of the rehabilitation funds. We know very well where the funds allocated for the students have been used. Don’t open my mouth about the puppet “executive” and his “authorities”. He has sold half of GB to a Hong-Kong based fraud, to safeguard his future.

    As Mirza Hussain has rightly said, his place is in Sonikot lock-up or in Adilala Jail!!

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