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[Police Terrorism in Hunza] Second day of protests, life comes to a halt in Hunza and Gilgit

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Aliabad, August 12: Thousands of people from all parts of Hunza -Nagar have gathered in Aliabad to register their protest against the brutal use of state force by Hunza Police against innocent and unarmed protesters yesterday.

The protesters were carrying the dead bodies of Shaheed Sher Ullah Baig and his son Shaheed Sher Afzal. They were demanding immediate arrest of the culprits and registration of FIRs against.

Later, an “FIR Committee”, led by Speaker GBLA, Wazir Baig and Sheikh Abid left for registration of the case.

The protesters were addressed by Speaker GBLA Wazir Baig, former technocrat member of NALA, Attiqa Ghazanfar, Sheikh Abid, Engineer Aman Ullah of the Balor Thinkers Forum, Sheikh Musa and Baba Jan of the Progressive Youth Front addressed the protesters, demanding strict action against the culprits and justice for the victims.

Sost: A protest is underway at Sost, and large number of people have come to the streets, demanding action against the police and those who ordered them to fire on the unarmed protesting IDPs.

Speakers here have said that those who are trying to defame Hunza by creating law an order situation will be dealt by the public with iron hands.

Gilgit: A grand demonstration against the police brutality will be held in Gilgit city after the Jumma prayer. The protest will be held at Ittehad Chowk, Gilgit.

Islamabad: Islamabad and Rawalpindi based youth of GB are staging a peaceful protest demonstration in front of the National Press Club. Youth have started gathering in front of the press club in large numbers, to express solidarity with the victims and demand justice for them.

More protests are likely to happen the twin-cities, home to thousands of GB youth and families.

Karachi: Karachi based youth of Gilgit – Baltistan have been asked to gather in front of the Karachi Press Club to stage a demonstration at around 4 O’clock in the evening today.

The youth of Gilgit – Baltistan are enraged at the brutality of the police in Hunza Valley and elsewhere. “What do they want to prove? Are they above the law? How on earth can a responsible police officer order shooting of unarmed protesters?”, these were some of the questions frequently being asked by the youth at social networks, like facebook and twitter.

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  1. The police should stop this habit of shooting people .The are laws, there are courts. If someone has done something wrong, arrest them and take them to the court.
    What the police did in Hunza is cold blooded murder. They should be punished as per law .

  2. I guess its about time for people of Gilgit Baltistan to stand up against the illigal occupation of Pakistan. This is too much od a violence against people! Mehdi shah the illitrate minister needs to go! looks like no body likes him except bunch of corrupt looters.

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