Section 144 imposed in Hunza sub-division

Ali Ahmed

Aliabad, August 13: The administration of Hunza – Nagar District has imposed section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, also known as prohibition of “Unlawful Assembly”, in sub-division Hunza (Tehsil Aliabad and Tehsil Gojal) for a period of 7 days.

Under this law the people of Hunza Valley have been ordered to avoid gathering in groups of 4 or more than 4 people. The people have also been asked to not display any arms an ammunition. The law also bans protests and demonstrations in the valley for the said period.

There is a fear of mass arrests in the valley in vengeance for the heavy destruction of government property two days back, during demonstrations against an incident of police terrorism in the valley, in which two IDPs had been mercilessly shot down by the local police.

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  1. we condemn the imposition of 144 in Hunza valley, meanwhile everyone should stay peace and calm, regarding to the destruction of the governments property, government is responsible for itself because the ministers have also admitted their failure and it should be solved politically on the table. in case if there is any arrest of even a single person on this matter whole Hunza should rise up for their rights. this will be the perfect time to do it. Hopefully local administration will not make any kind of such stupid mistake.
    may peace be on Hunza!

  2. And they think doing so will suppress the voices of the valley? I am not much of a ‘politics’ fan but it still seems clear that the reason the voices of our people have been shut so easily is due to the political inactivity of our people(and NO political ACTIVITY doesnt mean hire jeeps and run around KKH begging or convincing for votes). I mean we do not have a political leadership which we can look up to in such cases. Call it nepotism or favoritism but thats the way things work around here.All we could do was hold banners and charts and walk around our respective cities, and then what?
    See one thing we Kanjutis still have is solidarity(rest of the country lost it a long time ago), one person dies,a natural death, and the whole village mourns. This time they were murdered. And yes they will try and take that away from us by making it look like “sirf 2 he tou banday thay yaar, mulk main roz darjanon marte hain.” THAT is what we do not have to fall for. and as for as the desi version of pseudo american thinkers as concerned; guys, go get a life. You’re not living in the States. Take a good look around and then take a good look at your own life. You want to contribute? be a little practical please.

  3. Let’s stop here for a while, step back and reflect on what transpired. The Chief Minister went to Hunza to talk to the people. No matter what the issue was, it was the mob which attacked DSP Babar first ; hit open his head with a stone blow; continued with blows of shovel; and when some one helped the poor DSP by hiding him in a shop, they dragged him back and almost killed him ( proof : visit him in Gilgit ). Before the mob could lynch him , Babar’s gunman intervened and opened fire. Whether excessive force was used or not is a question that remains to be answered through the judicial enquiry. What next : the mob dragged an isolated policeman and kept him torturing him for the next 24 hours ( he was saved by some decent citizen the next day). While the best amongst us harbored injured and lone policemen , the ‘youth’ went on to burn flag, Police station, stole weapons from the Police Station and burnt to ashes every government building in the town…..and yet people think there shall be no CONSEQUENCES !!!! ???

    1. Dear patriot. you might be patriot within your own circle, if you wanna stop and reflect, stop here and think more and go think back a year on the sufferings of the IDPs. regarding to the incident that happened on that day is the state sponsored terrorism using excessive forces on poor and innocent IDP’s. if you stop them from peacefully protesting for their basic human rights then they will become violent and the result was the clash with police. here you must think who ordered the police and from where they got the authority to fire bullets on unarmed and innocent protesters. regarding to your story on hiding and beating of DSP and his Constable that happened after the shooting , and that will be decided in the court, when justice will be done by hanging them to death.
      the consequences is that government ministers have admitted their own governments failure.

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