Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Two Degnue pateients identified in Gilgit

Farman Karim

Gilgit, September 22: Doctors in Gilgit have confirmed the presence of Dengue virus in a Rangers official. Another man has been put on observation.

According to sources an official of Punjab Rangers who came back to Gilgit city from Lahore has been confirmed as a patient of Dengue fever. Another man belonging to Ghizar District has been put on observation and tests are being conducted to ascertain whether his ailment is caused by the virus that has played havoc with lives of people in Punjab and Sindh.The patients are present at the DHQ hospital Gilgit.

The GB government seems to be ill prepared for tackling the fever. Government officials have urged the communities to keep their surroundings clean and report to doctors in case of high fever or bleeding from ear and mouth.

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  1. These patients are infected with a second serotype of the virus (Flavivirus), which is more serious consequence known as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) can lead to shock and even death. Patients should not use aspirin. People should go to the doctors for a check-up before traveling from tropical and subtropical areas. Dehydration can happen if someone is infected with the first serotype, they need to take large amounts of fluid in order to prevent dehydration.
    There isn’t any vaccine for this disease yet, hope patients will take full precautions from getting and spreading it.

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