Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

Health department advises GB Police to induct own staff for conducting autopsies

PT Report

Gilgit, September 29: Visibly embarrassed by the fallout of Nurse Shabana Akhtar’s murder and the alleged fake autopsy reports prepared by senior doctors at the region’s biggest hospital, the GB Health Department of Gilgit-Baltistan has advised the Police to induct staff for conducting autopsies and other medico-legal procedures.

Officials of the Health department complained at a high level meeting in Gilgit today that despite offering  voluntary service to the Police for long, they are facing problems.

The Health Department officials said that the police shall induct a surgeon and other paramedical staff for conducting medico-legal procedures.

It is pertinent to note that a court in Gilgit had ordered detention of two doctors who had allegedly tried to protect murderers of a 24 year old nurse, Shaban Akhtar, by portraying her death as a case of suicide. Later, the court acquitted Dr. Yaqoob of the charges and ordered Dr. Dilshad to appear before the court.

 Shabana had been found hanging to the roof of her midwifery hostel room located at the premises of District Headquarter Hospital, Gilgit.

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