Gilgit: 8 sentenced to death in two separate terrorism cases

Reported by Abdul Rahman Bukhari

Gilgit Anti-Terrorism Court sentenced 8 to deaths and multiple years of imprisonment in two separate terrorism incidents that took place in Naltar, Gilgit.

The court sentenced six men to death (with 29 years imprisonments and five lac fines each), two to 45 years imprisonments and one 52 years imprisonment for their involvement in the heinous Naltar terrorist attack that took place on March 25, 2021, in which seven people were killed and six others were injured after a passenger vehicle was ambushed.
Those awarded death sentences include Tahir Hussain, Khusro Khan, Shehzad Hussain, Mujahid Hussain, Wajid Hussain and Sharifuddin.
Similarly, the court has also sentenced two men, Muhammad Zaman and Fakhar Alam, to death (with 12 years imprisonments and five lac fines), one Asif Kamal to life imprisonments (with 12 years imprisonments and three lac fine), four to 12 years of imprisonments for their involvement in the murder of two young men on May 25, 2020.
and three acquitted in the Naltar incident of May 25, 2020 in which two young men, Farjad Hussain and Muzamil, were killed in Upper Naltar. Two were acquitted.
Police had arrested 10 suspects in this case.
In the second incident, seven people were killed and six others injured in an attack on passenger vehicle in Naltar valley on March 25, 2021. Those killed were included Muhammadullah, Nizam ud Din, Umar Farooq, Abdul Jan, Sikandar Khan, Bibi Hakeema and Sher Alam of Naltar Bala.
Police had arrested 9 suspects in the second case.

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