Sex change – From Khanam to Khadim

Sex change – From Khanam to Khadim

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From Khanam to Khadim

Farman Karim

Gilgit, December 8: A seventeen year old girl named Khanam, a resident of Sikandarabad village in the Hunza – Nagar district, has become a boy after going through surgery at a hospital in Danyore. His new name is Khadim Abbas.

A student of class 9th, Khanam was the eldest daughter among her sister. She had no brothers.

A couple of days back, Khanam was taken to the Sihat Foundation Hospital in Danyore due to some ailment. At the hospital Dr. Shirin and Dr. Firdous operated on her after which she transformed into a boy!

Talking to Pamir Times, Khadim Abbas (the new name of Khanam) said that she is very happy at the transformation. “I will support my family now”, Khadim said. He also said that due to his boyish voice the girls at her previous school used to avoid her. “I will take admission at a boys school and continue my education”, Abbas said.

Speaking at the occasion, the mother of Khadim Abbas attributed the change to a miracle of God.

“I always kept praying to God for granting me a son and today I have got a son”, she said.

It is pertinent to note that this the fourth case of its kind in the Hunza – Nagar district.

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