Falak Sufi Memorial Prize – 2012


With the aim of contributing to the vibrancy of the study of humanities and social sciences in Pakistan, Pakistani students will be annually invited to compose research papers of high academic quality. One prize of USD $1,000 will be awarded to best qualified paper submitted.


The Prize is open to permanent residents and citizens of Pakistan who are graduate or undergraduate students at a Pakistani college or

Deadline for entries: 31 March 2012

The Prize is for the best essay in the humanities/social science on the topic of WOMEN AND GENDER IN SOUTH ASIA. ‘South Asia’ is defined in the broadest sense of the term. Papers could deal with a variety of topics/issues including, and not limited to, the following:

Theoretical approaches in gender studies

Gender and development

Female religiosity

Islam and gender


Legal status

Third World women

Urban-rural dynamics


Submission Guidelines:

Entries should be a maximum of 5000 words. This word length includes footnotes or endnotes, but does not include the bibliography.
Papers without complete footnotes / endnotes and bibliography will not be accepted. Entries must be original work primarily produced within twelve (12) months prior to the submission deadline.

Detailed guidelines are available on <>

Interested students are to submit their essays preferably by Email to: <>

Alternatively, students are welcome to submit their essays to: Falak Sufi Memorial Prize, Block 60, #02-211 Dakota Crescent, Singapore 390060.

The winner of the Prize will be announced on 22 April 2012. The decision of the judges is final and the Editorial Board will decide
all questions of eligibility.

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