Dallas based “Worldwide Education Fund” to support 100 girls in Baltistan

DALLAS: (PR) The Worldwide Education Fund of the Dallas Foundation (WEF) signed a new MoU with Iqra Fund to provide 30 secondary school scholarships and 70 primary and middle level scholarships for school supplies which include uniform, stationery and school bags to sponsor a total of 100 girls from the vulnerable communities of Baltistan regions in North Pakistan.

The objective of this project is to educate marginalized students in Pakistan and make quality education accessible to girls in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. These target areas are one of the remotest in the world. Difficult terrain, extreme weather conditions, poor or no road links, lack of school structures, overwhelming poverty topped up with no substantial support from Government leaves children of the area with no option but to be denied of their most basic right to education. Education in general and especially for girls is considered a luxury. Many of these villages have no schools at all, and for those where there are schools, they are only until primary or middle.

According to a press release, ‘WEF’s sole purpose is to help improve the quality and scope of education for underprivileged and marginalized children and youth in some of the poorest areas of India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, United States and beyond. We believe that every child and youth, regardless of extreme poverty, caste, religion, gender, or other factors, deserves a chance to reach his or her maximum potential. Since the foundation of WEF in 2009, we have impacted more than 5000 children and youth as they struggle to escape generational poverty, one person at a time.

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