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Protests, rallies and conferences to mark second anniversary of Attabad Landslide Disaster

Large numbers of web banners are in circulation on social networks to highlight the issues and generate support for the cause of lake drainage.

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The second anniversary of Attabad Landslide disaster will be observed by residents of Hunza Valley tomorrow, January 4, across Pakistan. Rallies, protests and a seminar have been planned to mark the day when the village of Attabad fell down and filled the Hunza Gorge, leading to destruction of Karakuram Highway and four upstream villages.

Karachi – The Save Hunza Gojal Committee has planned a “peaceful rally” at the Karachi Press Club, tomorrow at around 2 O’clock in the afternoon. The organizers are expecting that GBians living in Karachi will participate in the rally in large numbers and make it a success, an organizer told Pamir Times.

Gilgit – The Mutasreen-e-Gojal Rabita Committee (RMCG) is planning to organize a conference on the unending issues being faced by the residents of Hunza valley due to the issues of IDPs, a blocked road and submerged villages.

Islamabad – In the Federal Capital, Progressive Youth Front (PYF) is organizing a protest demonstration in front of National Press Club, at 03 PM, party workers informed Pamir Times. The demonstration will continue till the evening and towards the end the activists will organize a “vigil” in memory of the 19 people, who were killed on January 4, Scout Shehzad Shaheed and the two protesting IDPs, father and so, who were shot dead by police in Aliabad on August 11, 2011.

The issue of ‘arbitrary detention’ of political activists, including PYF leader Baba Jan Hunzai will also be highlighted by speakers.

Hunza – Protests and gatherings are also being organized in different parts of Hunza Valley to highlight the issues faced by thousands of people since January 4, 2010.

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  1. people of gilgit Baltistan should should support ,people/students /patients/especially women are suffering since 4 jan 2010.

  2. Let’s not remember 4th January because it is hard to endure that pain which was caused by natural diasater. Indeed, it is hard for the victims of Atta Abad who have been suffering since last two years. We have same feelings as suffered prople have, therfore, it would be better if each individual of Pakistan support these victims. No matters whether anyone participated or not, but it is our responsibility to look for the victims. We do not trust our leaders anymore, therefore, we should decide to take action through our creative writings and other sources. Indeed, it is important to remember that protest is not something that will help us to bring change in our lives. Sometimes, it leads to calamaties. However, let’s unite ourselves for the sake of suffered victims, and help them through our knoledge.

  3. victims are suffering alot but thy have to be patient and political . pakistani politics is very dirty and for that we need to find a local zardari .

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