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Dissolve GB government and handover Gilgit city to the Army, demands Qazi Nisar

Gilgit: Qazir Nisar, Maulana Luqman Hakeem and Himayat Ullah addressing a gathering a Ahl-e-Sunwat wal Jamat

Asim Iqbal

Gilgit, January 13: Ameer of of Tanzeem Ahle Sunnat Gilgit Baltistan  Mulana Qazi Nisar has demanded that Gilgit Baltistan government should be dissolved and Pak army should take control of the region because of the deteriorating law and order condition in the region. He was addressing a protest rally held at Ittehad Chowk attended by a large number of people.

Qazi Nisar said that patience was running out, “We are patient only for the sake of peace”, he said. “Killing of innocent people has become routine because justice is not being done and terrorists are at large”, the influential leader of Ahl-e-Sunnat added.

He maintained that the Sunnis are victims of terrorism, opposed to how they were being “defamed by some elements”  as  proponents of terrorism.

Rejecting the governance package Qazi Nisar demanded of the authorities to repeal roll-up the current setup and make efforts for the region’s annexation to Kashmir.

He threatened that if these demands did not accepted runway of Gilgit airport as well as Karakoram Highway would be blocked .

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  1. Qazi sahib has given the right solution, Only Pak Army can ensure unbaised solution to the current situation, If governament wants to restore its credibility then all criminals should be punished ,with out any prejudice of sect. other wise we are heading for a civil war, in wich all people of GB will loose. & I WARN THE PEOPLE SPREADING THIS VIOLANCE WILL SUFFER THE MOST. let us decide at once that implement the law blindly & EQUALLY ON ALL.

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