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Ishkoman protesters to be released on Monday

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Gilgit, January 21: The Additional Session Judge in Gilgit has accepted the plea for on-bail release of around 30 protesters belonging to Ishkoman Valley of Ghizar, who had presented themselves for arrest after power riots that resulted in loss of government property.

According to details the protesters will be released on Monday and they will address a press conference in Gahkuch, the district headquarters. It is pertinent to note that a court in Ishkoman had refused to allow the bailed release after which the court in Gilgit had been approached by their lawyers.

A total of 65 people had been presented themselves for arrest of whom 35 were granted bail on the same day, while the others were taken into custody.

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  1. Dear Akhtar! i hope u will gothrough this comment of mine in the best of your health and spirit. i read your comments on the institution and really i enjoyed the way you have shared your reservations and observation as well and this is an intellectual path walking on it one can conveys his/her feeling and experiencse. sometimes such type of debates provide opportunity to understand each other and remove misunderstanding. but here i would like to tell you that the door of the AKHSS is open for all with no compromise with merit at i disagree with your idea that the institution has biased approach, promoting one sect agenda.if we look at the overall mandate of AKDN, it makes clear such misunderstanding and misconception as “The Aga Khan Development Network is a contemporary endeavour of the Ismaili Imamat to realise the social conscience of Islam through institutional action. It brings together, under one coherent aegis, institutions and programmes whose combined mandate is to help relieve society of ignorance, disease and deprivation without regard to the faiths or national origins of people whom they serve.
    In the light of the above I am very much confident that the contribution in the field of education the role of AKHSS Gilgit is considerable and it never be forgetted.

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