Gilgit - Baltistan

Seventh anniversary of prominent Shia leader observed in Gilgit – Baltistan

Resolution demands punishment for alleged murderer of Agha Zia Ziauddin

All out support for GB government and governance package

Reinstating of State-Subject rule demanded 

Asim Iqbal

Gilgit, January 23: The seventh martyrdom anniversary of Agha Ziauddin Rizvi was observed by members of the Shia community of Gilgit – Baltistan today. The prominent Shia scholar had been shot by terrorists on January 8, 2005, in which two of his gunmen were killed, while the Agha was injured and shifted to Rawalpindi where he passed away.

Addressing thousands of people who had gathered to pay tribute to the slain leader, President of  Shia Ulema Council Sheikh Mirza Ali demanded that the government should punish the alleged murderer of Agha Ziauddin who had reportedly been nabbed by police in Punjab. He also demanded transfer of the accused to Gilgit for trial and justice.

Sheikh Mirza Ali also said that the Shias are victims of terrorism as well as injustice but they will not tolerate any discrimination.

He suggested that all jobs in GB should be distributed among the four sects, based on the proportion of their population.

Agha Rahat addresses thousands of people gathered to observe 7th anniversary of Agha Ziauddin

He said that in 2004 election we lost both seats of Gilgit but we remained silent because victory and defeat was a part of politics while on the other hand when in 2010 we won the seats then a  defeated person was not only  elected as technocrat member of legislative assembly but also he was appointed deputy speaker in the name of balance between the sects.

“State-subject rule should be restored and all domiciles issued after 1952 should be cancelled”, he demanded.

Speaking at the occasion, prominent Shia leader and scholar  Agha Rahat Hussain Al-Hussaini said that he was ready to leave the city if terrorism and lawlessness could be ended by his departure.

“I always worked for peace,development and sectarian harmony but it is sorry to say other groups did not reply in positive manner”, he added.

Member of legislative assembly Dedar Ali,Razi ud Din,Mulana Iqbal Tusali,general secretary of Majlis Wahdat ul Muslemeen Agha Nasir,Hujatul Islam Abbas Rizvi,Zahid Hussain Zahidi also addressed to the gathering and emphasized on supremacy of law.

They said that the alleged murderer of Agha Zia ud Din had been arrested in Rawalpindi but Punjab government was creating hurdles to bring him to Gilgit which was contrary to support the terrorist.

Terming the threats to block the Karakuram Highway as conspiracy against the stability of Pakistan they said that American and Indian agents were trying to achieve their nefarious designs.

They also condemned the conspiracies against the governance package and vowed that all efforts to weaken the present set up would be made unsuccessful.

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  1. “all jobs in GB should be distributed among the four sects, based on the proportion of their population”,
    a childish idea.
    Jobs should be distributed only on merit bases, if we want true development in our region.

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