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Terrorists from Gilgit and Miranshah operating in Karachi

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Islamabad, January 26: Federal Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, has said that terrorists from Gilgit and Miranshah have become operational in Karachi, to destabilize law and order situation in the metropolis.

He made the assertion while talking to media yesterday in front of Pir Pagara’s house, where he had gone to condole the death of late Pir  of Pagara.

Rehman Malik said that a conspiracy has been hatched to destabilize the city. He, however, did not put the blame on any particular group.

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  1. I disagree Mr.Rehman Malik (Interior Minister) for his assertion while talking to media that the terrorist from Gilgit-Baltistan are operational in Karachi. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan are peace loving and loyal to Pakistan.One must not forget the myrters of Kargil,where more than eight hundred soldiers secrifised their lives just for the sake of Pakistan.Irequest Mr.Malik to not to pass on such irresponsible comments without a proof.

    Jehangir Shah

  2. i disagree vd Minster…Very shameful comment on the loving area Gilgit/Baltistan. Listen Rahman Malik we are not the terrest,we are the real lover of our homeland Pakistan… you are the big corrupt person of this contry….
    we gave many sacrifices for this nation…..remember always

  3. if we critically examine the situation rehman malik was right to some extent. many wanted terrorists of GB are professional shooters in many political and religious organizzations in karachi. being pakistani and sacrifices is yet another issue

  4. killer rahman malik ki yah bayan apni nakami chopany kay liye gilgit kay logo badname karna chaty haa .hum pori dunya may apna sinket app ha app ki aik bayan humara koch nahi bigad sakta haa u killer rahman

  5. those terrorists might be coming from KP and other parts i guess? we don’t have a factory of terrorists .

  6. He delivered very irresponsible comment about Gilgit/Baltistan. He himself a UK nationality, working with spy agencies in UK and has personal business outside the country.

    Pakistanis already know about his character and comments that he delivered before.

  7. I suggest the Commentators of Pamir Times to not to use non-parlimentarian language against any person.What so ever is Rehman Malik good or bad, we must not use such language against any personality, because we are the citizens of a very civilised society of G.B. What ever he said about G.B is his own perceptions,but we must show our wisdom of patience.

    Therefore I request our youth to show some tolerance towards others and act according to the basic principles of Islam.

    Jehangir Shah

  8. Wah Rehman Malik wah, aik giligit bacha tha, jis ko bi aap ne terrorist k daire ma la kar PPP ke terrorist hune ka wazeh suboot diya

    Apne AAp se Puche tume jo kr rahe kia sahi he????????????????

  9. It is not the opinion of an individual (Rehman Malik) it is a statement coming from the Federal Interior Minster which cannot be contested on the basis of good or bad.
    We sometimes become emotional and sentimental when it comes to GB and forget some very basic facts about sectarian violence in GB especially in Gilgit city. The people especially the youth of GB has been involved in sectarian violence both in home and outside whatsoever the reasons could be or whosoever has engaged or used them in such activities but the question is, are we not involved in sectarian violence? If the answer is yes, how we can deny the fact that people of GB can be involved in target killing in Karachi like they are involved in GB?

  10. I agree Mr.Ali Ahmed Jan that our people are emotional and sentimental,but these emotions & sentiments are within the boundaries of GB.Yes,if any individual is involved in any wrong thing,it may be his personal act.People of Gilgit-Baltitan are peace loving and loyal to Pakistan.One should not forget that foreign agencies are involved in Balochistan as well as in other parts of our country. So we must keep ourselves away from those culprits.

    It is my faith that our poeple are not involved in any of the terrorist activities especially in Karachi,as they are very honest and hard working.

    Jehangir Shah

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