|OEC Interview| Saima Kamal: Topper in Pre-Medical(I) 2011 KIU Board

Interview with Saima Kamal, who got first position in pre-medical group Part-I in Karakoram International University Board

Interviewer: M Aman Ali Shah, Gilgit

The Educure: Tell us something about your academic background.

Saima: I completed my middle school certificate from Diamond Jubilee School Sost. I got my secondary school certificate while studying at Hasegawa Memorial Public School, Karimabad under KIU Board and for HSSC I am here in Sedna Public School Jutial, Gilgit under KIU Board.

The Educure:Your aim of life

Saima: I want to become a doctor. For this I will first complete MBBS and then I shall move for specialization in the field of surgery and then I will continue the practice.

The Educure: Why Sedna?

Saima: Because in Sedna there is conducive environment with qualified and cooperative teachers for our holistic development.

The Educure: Who influenced you?

Saima: My biology teacher Sir Shareef influenced me to become a doctor. And one more personal reason to plan for being a doctor is that the right hand of my dad was injured in an accident while he was blasting rocks in the village for making a playground. When he was brought to hospital an inexperienced doctor cut his hand off. This was an awful moment for me. And that is when I realize the importance of qualified doctors. I decided to become become a doctor at any cost.

The Educure: Define success?

Saima: Success is to work hard to achieve your dreams.

The Educure: Challenging period in your academic life?

Saima: I faced lots of challenges when I migrated from Sost to Karimabad because in Sost there was not that much competition that I saw in Hasegawa among students in improving their quality of education.

The Educure: Role of money in education?

Saima: Money counts a lot in some ones success to pay for education.

The Educure: Difference between rural and urban education?

Saima: In my point of view there is not that much quality education in village as compare to city because the teachers are not that much experienced in village. The students as well as the teachers lack resources in improving their learning.

The Educure: Define education?

Saima: According to my point of view education is the process of continuous learning that how to cooperate and tackle the society.

The Educure: Define failure?

Saima: Failure is to fall down in achieving the set goals. It is ones very much important to get success in life.

The Educure: Role of education in personal development?

Saima: Education counts a lot in ones personal development. By education positive things come in. An appropriate human nature and behavior are possible only with the help of education.

The Educure: Any community service?

Saima: I am a girl guide  so I serve people in different occasions and gatherings.

The Educure: Any suggestion?

Saima: It is a very good initiative by the students of Gilgit-Baltistan studying in different Universities, to inspire the youth and students and to explore and enhance their talents, skills and potentials. Here I would like to suggest that you should move forward to the backward areas of Gilgit-Baltistan to inspire the young minds out there too.

The Educure: Thank you and Good luck!

Courtesy: OEC 

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  1. I congrate you on your success and i wish that your dreams come true and also bring happiness again and again in your life.
    Really well Done Kharayan .

  2. congrats…. She has very rightly understood- “success is equal to ability multiplied by efforts”.

    Keep it up.

  3. Congratulations sister & thanks PT for sharing with us. Keep it up both saima and PT 🙂

  4. Excellent…. Keep good work in 2nd year and maintain top position. I hope you will achieve your dreams… to be Doctor.

  5. —A great moment in the life of an individual and Parents and all family members.
    —With in the Bo Bo Sufi geneological race Miss Saima Kamal ud be the first Female whom weared this Crown. You made History for the BOBO SUFI race of GHURAN TOOJIKISTAN, and we hope and pray such success in ur comming time & Future.
    —Congrats and sky is the limit.

    Engineer Baig Ali & Family, Islamabad.

  6. i give to saima kamal congrate to you excellent achievement in HSC exame here i am whould some caliarfication in the interview she was passed middle class in FG High school sost

    muniruddin rumi
    AKUH (FMD Dep)Karachi

  7. very much impressed!Congrats to you and family!
    Faheemullah Baig
    Karimabad Hunza

  8. Well done saima Kamal! Hope that you ll maintain your position and achieve your dreams….your thoughts are really high..:)

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