[Sports] Sher Ullah Baig Memorial “Shooting” Volleyball Tournament started in Gircha Gojal

The tournament is being played despite severely cold weather (Photo: Asghar Rumi)

Israr Salahuddin

Sher Ullah Baig Memorial Tournament has been started at Gircha Gojal. The tournament is jointly being organized by Gircha Eagles Sports Club and Tais Sports Club Gilgit-Baltistan.

Summary of the first day’s matches

1st Match: Gircha (C) v/s Khyber (B) __________ khyber (B) won the Match

2nd Match: Sost (A) v/s Markhoon A ________ Sost (A) won the Match

3rd Match: Gircha (A) v/s Khuda Abad B _____ Gircha (A) won the Match

4th Match: Nazim abad v/s Ghalapan ______ Nazim Abad Won the Match

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