Gilgit - Baltistan

Spillway opening date changed to Feb 18

Saleem Khan 

Hunza, February 13: FWO has decided to extend the date for removal of blocked spillway by three days. According to reports the new date has been fixed at February 18.

People have been advised to keep all precautions because the blockade removal is likely to trigger high volumes of water (up to 40,000 Cusecs).

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  1. 40 thusand cusecs of water will not be discharged if they open the spillway now. Therefore, to fulfill their promise they will open it on Feb 18 so that they claim to have “discharged” their promised cusecs of water!!

  2. more than 40,000c water already flows during peak summer in the same river course. So what is there to worry about. What we are concerned is the level of water actually will decrease after the blast and no body is telling us about this.

  3. Looking stupid to mention about the amount of water. if they have did something actually they must claim and highlight how much the hight is to be decreased as their target is to decrease the hight of the block. anyway lets see and again hope for some reasonable result….

  4. this is just playing drama with people of gojal,we dnt like the work of FWO even this stupid PPP Government as well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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