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[Pictorial] People flee Gilgit during curfew break

Bureau Report

Gilgit, April 12: On the tenth day of curfew people were seen fleeing Gilgit city on truck, Mazdas, tractors and whatever other vehicle was available. This trend was also seen during the previous two breaks. Gilgit has been under curfew for almost 240 hours, with a maximum of 8 hours of break in between.

People are facing immense problems due to shortage of food and and non-food items. Patients and pregnant women and among the most affected segments of the society with no access to medical facilities. There are reports about death of several new-born children.

ATMs in the city, except one in Jutial, are closed, adding to the miseries of cash-strapped citizens.

Meanwhile, security forces have arrested several dozens of suspected trouble makers. Both religious parties have claimed that their ordinary workers have been picked up on false charges.

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  1. Very sad to see these pictures,once a peacefull city Gilgit looks like a ghost city now.

  2. —Thanks to the People who are in ruling of GB. The stranded of the Common People shows. What ud be the long time effects!!!!!

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