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Gojal: 3-4 feet drop in depth of lake recorded during 2 days

Gulmit: There is 2-3 feet silt on the Karakuram Highway that resurfaced today for the first time in almost two years

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Gulmit, March 2: The rate of decrease of water in the dammed Hunza River has slowed down considerably during the last two days. The total decrease in water level has reached around 25 feet, including 12 feet of water that had stored after construction of the temporary blockade of the spillway.

Gulmit: Comparison of water level between Feb 29 and March 2

During the last two days, the Karakuram Highway has resurfaced in Gulmit, the Tehsil headquarters, bringing hope and joy in the valley. Surface of the KKH, reportedly, is covered with around 2-3 feet of silt accumulated during the last 26 months, starting January 2010.

Local people have expressed satisfaction over the scale of excavation carried out by FWO. “Another effort this spring will take the water level further down and the fields will reappear”, a local person, Mehboob, told Pamir Times. He hoped that the FWO will make another attempt this year to excavate the spillway again by 10 to 15 feet.

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  1. Its a good news that the blast have worked. Further attempts like this by the FWO will relax the effected people from the Long lasting FRUSTRATION. We hope for further decrease in the water level.I suggest to increase the weight-age of explosive used for the blast next time.

  2. Great job did by FWO this year, We defiantly appreciate their good work
    We hope the second phase excavation and blasting in April 2012 will confer life to lands of Gulmit and Nazimabad

  3. Some one should give information that prior to blast what was the depth of lake near Shishkat bridge (and other places)and what is the depth now. Which parts of KKH are still submerged and by how much.

    How much silt is there when water is receding.
    Has there been local erosion?.

    Can FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance geologist collect this information and share it please. Can GB-DMA staff collect the information and share it.
    Thank you

  4. Though late, but good attempt, highly appreciated and are hopping FWO remain in action.

  5. its good to hear that the water level in the lake has gone down. we hope for more. being a geology student i would like to share my idea regarding another explosion. according to {F W O} another blast will be carried out in coming spring. according to my opinion the upper part of the debris blocking hunza river consist of boulders means it reinforce at upper level. But the basement of the debris may not be that much stronger it may consists of loose gravels and pebbles. water seepage from basement is providing evidence to some extent. So if an intensive blast will be done than there is some probability of debris collapse which may lead to destruction of area lying near to river it can cause mass destruction. I think workers should avoid intensive blast

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