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Child Rights Movement urges govt to implement Juvenile Justice System Ordinance in GB

Gilgit, July 03: (PR)  Today is the 14th anniversary of the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance (JJSO) 2000; a landmark legislation on juvenile justice in Pakistan promulgated by the then Chief Executive on July 04, 2014. Despite various strengths, the law could not be implemented in letter and spirit even in the federal capital due to various reasons including absence of necessary budgetary allocation and certain important functions such as probation officers and juvenile courts etc. said a press release issued by the Provincial Secretariat of the Child Rights Movement-Gilgit Baltistan (CRM-GB) on the occasion of the anniversary of the JJSO.

The JJSO is a progressive law and a few steps by the government can help implement the JJSO in GilgitBaltistan (GB) where it was extended by the then President in 2004, which will be really helpful for the provinces to follow and implement this progressive law in letter and spirit across the country.

CRM National Secretariat has launched a letters campaign at the federal level where by letters are sent to the Secretary Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights, with copies to the Secretary Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD), Islamabad, and Director General Human Rights, Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights urging them to take steps for the implementation of the JJSO at the ICT level.

The CRM-Gilgit Baltistan urged the concerned government officials and the judiciary to allocate funds for the provision of legal assistance to children at State’s expense, establish an Exclusive Juvenile Court for Gilgit Baltistan, appoint at least one male and one female probation officer in the area and establish a Borstal Institution to ensure effective implementation of the JJSO setting a good example for the other provinces to follow.

The CRM Gilgit Baltistan also urges the federal government to coordinate with the GilgitBaltistan (GB) Secretariat in Gilgit for the effective implementation of the provisions of JJSO in GilgitBaltistan (GB) as the law has already been extended there in 2004.

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