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Stranded: Students and passengers continue protest in Skardu and Gilgit

Gilgit: Young protesters in front of the CM office

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Skardu, August 30: Students and passengers continued their protest against nonavailability of flight on the fourth day in Skardu and Gilgit. Hundreds of students who are stuck in the region due to insecurity along the KKH in the wake of the Naran Valley killings in which 19 people were shot dead by terrorists.

The protest in Skardu turned violent in the morning after an official of the Anjuman-e-Imamia, Agha Ali Rizvi, was arrested by the police. The protesters clashed with the police and pressurized the government into releasing the cleric.

DC Skardu, Fazl-e-Khaliq, told media that the cleric along with his supporters had besieged the airport and halted all operations so it was necessary to arrest him.

The police officials were pelted with stones which also damaged two vehicles inside the building of Radio Pakistan’s regional station.

Several people were injured during the clashes.

Gilgit: In Gilgit the protesters assembled in front of the Chief Minister’s office and demonstrated against the absence of flights.

It is pertinent to note that the government had promised to operate C-130 flights to evacuate the stranded passengers and students, who are getting late for their universities and colleges across the country.

The KKH is faced with security threats as well as blockades created by people in Dassu and Komila who are also agitating against one or the other issue.

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  1. What is the Air Fare for C-130 is it less or more then PIA Air Fare ?
    Why PIA can not operate extra flights ? They do it all the time for Middle East [ Jeddah ].

    Why Cant The Buses travel in convoy escorted by Police? This is nothing new been done in Sindh and in Baluchistan. If there is shortage of security staff then with draw from GB Ministers / MLA and let the police provide security to their real pay masters.

    Shutting down transport all of them are supporting those terrorists [ be it those students protesting, Rehman Malik or GB Government ] as that is what they wanted.

    Demand Army escort, police escort but open the normal transport and movement. Demanding C-130 Flights if they are ” Mufta ” may be fun but in reality is supporting those murderers.

  2. No body and no transport system will save us from humiliation and degradation if we remain so dumb about Pakistani political and religious culture. Both establishment and religious leaders are using the religious fervor found in the illiterate population of GB.

  3. MR.Tariq please do not compeer Gilgit Baltistan with other 4 provinces of Pakistan or to Jeddah or (MEDEL EAST)
    Geographically Pakistan has not yet consider to accept GB As it is part & autonomy of GB.

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