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CBRC team inspects bridges on the KKH

by Asghar Khan

Hunza, September 16: A team of Chinese Engineers, working on expansion of the Karakuram Highway, are surveying various small and large bridges constructed on the Friendship Highway of Pakistan and China. Two reasons have been quoted, by sources for these surveys and inspections. First, recently the second largest bridge on KKH, the China Pul, near Gilgit city, collapsed and this has sent alrm bells across the region regarding safety of rest of the smaller bridges.

Similarly, during expansion of the KKH new bridges will be constructed at various locations to manage the increased level of transport vehicles that are expected to travel on the route, from China and certain Central Asian countries. 

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  1. hi i am a student of engineering i need some information about kkh what type of technology used for surveying and leveling

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