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Islamabad: Thousands protest in front of parliament house against Chilas massacre

Islamabad: The protesters raised slogans against the government for failing to protect the citizens.

Our Correspondent

Islamabad, April 6: The government should act fast and arrest the people who killed passengers in Bunardas area near Chilas. The lives of properties of Shias across the country should be protected and safeguarded by the state. If the government does not act the people would be forced to come on the roads and demand justice. The Shia community acted in a very mature manner after the Kohistan carnage but instead of taking action against the culprit the government used delaying tactics and minced with words. Had action been taken against the culprits the situation would have deteriorated to this extent.

These views were expressed by speakers at a sit-in staged in front of the parliament house. The sit-in has been organized by Majlis-e-Wehdatul-Muslimeen (MWM) and ‘Gilgit – Baltistan Youth’.

Thousands of people are part of the sit-in and they have vowed to continue the protest till their demands were met. Some of their demands are lifting of the curfew in Gilgit city, military action against culprits in Chilas, clarification regarding the actual number of people killed in Chilas and the protection of Shia community members across the country.

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  1. Here is where the trouble lies.The thousands of protestors are only demanding killers of chilas bus bt they won’t utter any slogans to demand killes of the Peaceful march of Ahle sunnah jamat on which a grenade was thrown and 6 people were killed including 2 children and youngest was 13 yrs who was laid to rest in astore. This hypocracy and extremist attitude is what is decaying our region. whole protests are dramas to show one side of the coin. Shame on everybody who endorse and support such partial and unfair mindset

    1. Anyhow, Killing of Bus passengers or innocent peoples against any incident is not a humanitarian.

  2. @shermen for your information Ahle sunnah jamat is banned organization , how come such organization can be peacefull???

  3. wha g… u think this all r drama han… gr8 jinab.. yes this is also unfair and its faliur of security in gilgit.. but tel me one thing.. y u kill balti ppls? let me one thing clear that u both shia n sunni in gilgit r the [word deleted by moderator] …….. even u ppl not human being.. shame on u…

  4. You should investigate that who killed the passengers mre then 6 times, so now those people are bound to get a revange from the killers , as pakistani army & political parties & religious groups are supporting the killers of passengers and do not ask about the culprits any-where in pakistan.

  5. Shermen: You are very right, there is no word about what happen in Gilgit which lead to this situation in Chilas. There are about 50 people injured and 6 were killed. They also manipulating the story on tribune today and saying that the grenade attack was in Chilas… Stop lying and tell the truth for sake of Allah. Problem will never be fixed unless we change ourselves, that mean we have to honest with ourselves and do the right thing doesn’t matter if that even involves me…Allah hears and knows what you do…You can’t hide anything from Allah.

    1. ‘A Banda-e namalom(abdul),

      Detonation of self grenade of some illegal sectarian war-group can not allow to open fire on unarmed civilians. If you join some rally of same group, that kind of weapon openly you can see on there hand.
      After all, the slogan of Kafir-Kafir must be stopped for the betterment fo our system.

  6. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

    Assalam o Alaikum..!

    I beg you all that for Allah Subhanahu Wa Tha’allah’s sake, please forgive each other and please have some patience for Allah’s sake and bring back peace in Gilgit-Baltistan.

    These killings of any human being whether it be from any corner of this earth is never ever going to solve the problems of all, it would rather burn our beautiful motherland together with its people in entirity and would spread the virus of hatred in our clean Gilgit-Baltistan.

    May Allah Subhanahu Wa Tha’allah guide us all on the right path and bless us with peace which is the meaning of Islam.

    I would urge every single reader of this message to kindly copy it to as maximum people of our motherland as possible especially my message to our future leaders – the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan to get united and work on the frontline of this mission to bring peace and harmony among our simple and originally peaceful people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    I propose few youth and professionals’ conventions at Gilgit-Baltistan level to discuss this menace of killings and hatred and devise a strategy to curb this virus from our historically ever clean land and develop a strategy together with all stakeholders including Government Institutions, Communities and other interested organizations with integrity and sympathy for our beautiful Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Ya Allah please give our people the courage and strength to save our motherland.

    With a cry and Tears of blood in eyes,
    Mehmood Hunzai

  7. Sherman shia killing is going in whole of Pakistan. Gilgit, Quetta, Karachi etc. For your kind imformation ahlay sunnat wal’jamat is the outcome of SSP. When during Musaraf era SSP was band all SSP people came under the banner of ahlay sunnat wal’jamat. They are not only targeting shia but also suni Brailivi muslims. you are unaware of ground realities. ahlay sunnat wal’jamat is a militant group which is hostile towards shia muslims and suni Brailivi. If the rally was peaceful then why they tried to close all shops by force???? why did they beat people and fought with police and GB scouts???? you are the biggest Hype targeting shia muslims are peaceful. You taking side of a banned millitant group. shame on you. Go and first study, research and then comment.

  8. @shermin! you can see what happened with the six people of sipah sahaba, but you can’t see the innocent people who were killed in Chilas and kohistan.
    I am asking you all people! what they had done? Why you people killed them?
    There was also manay children and females on each bus.

  9. shameful act .2 way policy with shia community.i think its time to think that all shia united to stop these unjust ice against them.shame on government shame useless government.

  10. This is extremely unfortunate that a group of banned terrorist outfit is playing havoc with the peace loving citizens of this country.The group which is claiming as Ahela Sunnat wal jammat are actually trying to deceive majority of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat peace loving citizens.This is purely a terrorist outfit which is implementing Pakistan’s enemies Agenda at their behest.I would urge all patriot Muslims notwithstanding their sectarian affiliations to isolate this terrorist outfit by not allowing them to permeate in their tiers.Their killings are not confined to shias but also hunting bralevi school of thought or any one who dares to object/obstruct their hidden motives.please act fast for the the sake of pakistan before it is too late to reverse ugly events.

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