[Letter] With love, from Chilas!

My name is Fida Ullah, from Chilas. At the moment I am studying Tourism Management in Salzburg University – Austria.

Many question are rising in my mind about the sectarian conflict that is going on in GB right now.

First of all, I would like to pray for those people who lost their lives, both sides in Chilas and in Gilgit. We are one family, there are no differences between us. We are all Human Beings and we have other things in common.

I would like to mention specially that my family was the one who saved 150 people in Chilas, Bouner Dass, and I was always in contact with my brothers Liver Khan and Fazal Huq, who were in Bouner Dass giving shelter for 150 people in my house. There were a lot of people who wanted to enter in the house to kill the innocent people who were there.

Thanks God we were able to save those lives and it looks like it was a kind of exam from God’s side to our Family. My brothers stood like a rock in front of 200 people and told them that first they had to cross their dead bodies and then they would be able to reach those innocent people.

After talking to different people from Chilas and Gouner I found out that a lot of people from Chilas was against the killing of those passengers, so just a few of them were causing all that problem.

I would like to say, without any doubt, that the people who wanted to fan the problem between the Shia and Suni were paid from some external agencies. It is not difficult to know because 80% of the people were trying to save them and just 20% were creating problems.

I am requesting all GB people and specially the youth, brothers, sisters, so we can understand who is behind of it, why are we destroying our children’s future? It’s all in our hand and we still have time to know who are these people in GB that are disturbing our peace and who is paying them and so don’t like GB.

Please, we still have time. We have to act to know who are the black sheep among us.

God bless all of us!!!

Fida Ullah, Salzburg – Austria

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  1. Painful! May the beautiful, hard working and intelligent people of GB find peace. Those who saved the lives when death loomed outside are heroes. Shia or sunni, muslim or non muslim should not matter.let’s be human only. Even if you kill in the name of reigion with all your self righteousness, u’ll remain a murderer.
    May this ugly situation never occurs again.
    My best wishes for people of GB

  2. Dear Brother Fida, Assalam o Alaikum!

    Your message was like a ray of the sun that brings hope with it.

    Learned and sensible people like you can be a source of peace and harmony for Gilgit-Baltistan in the long run and I am sure hundreds of thousands of youth and elders, rather maximum majority of our people would have the same feeling.

    We are proud of you and your family as well as others for saving lives.

    It has been shocking to hear about the deaths and the tensions in Gilgit-Baltistan.

    I think it is the time for sensible youth and elders to step in and try to bring peace and harmony in GB through true advocacy and awareness for unity, prosperity and peace on our motherland. For this a strategy needs to be deviced and implemented and our sensible youth and elders who are living in the area now know how to do it. We offer our full moral to our youth and elders in bringing back peace and harmony in the Region as the future of all is in peace, harmony and properity in GB.

    I have spent my lovely 1 year in the corners of all districts of GB especially, Darel, Tangir, Niat, Khiner, Buner and Thor valleys of Diamer and have found the people of the area so lovely, respectful, brotherly, hardworking and having the thurst for prosperity and progress though they need a lot of support in socio-economic sector for their development.

    Similarly, I can feel the pain of the difficulties the poor yet lovely people of Hisper, Sikandarabad, Nagar, Minapin, the entire Baltistan and all other valleys of all other districts who are expecting social and economic support from all of us and that I have seen ultra poverty among them but unfortunately few people of GB are invading each other due to misunderstandings and being emotional against each other in the name of taking revenges. Someone has to finally forgive the other. Afterall, the Uswa e Hasana our lovely and Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam (PBUH)teaches us forgiveness as done by Him (He forgave his uncle’s murder).

    I am sure if our people use their tremendous emotions for positive development in GB, lives and fate of our people Inshallah will change so rapidly.

    Allahum Maghfir Lana, Zunubana, Warzuqna, Warhamna, innaka alaa kulli shayiin Qadeer…!!

    May Allah (SWT) bless us all with a spriti and courage like you and your respectful family to work for and bring back peace and harmony in the region. Aameen..!!

    All readers please come up and spread the message of peace, love, brotherhood, sisterhood and harmoney among the people of GB. If we start from our own streets and muhallahs as done by Fida and his family, we can finally make a positive difference.

    Best regards and prays for peace,

    Mehmood Hunzai

  3. This is a wonderful gesture from Fida and a timely call for making us realize what is behind the curtains. It reminded me of the news item published in one of the dailies from GB (online) the very next day of Chilas massacre. The two survivors talking to the newspaper gave exactly the same statement. They were of the view that local people made all level best efforts to save their lives and gave them shelter. Also one of the survivor’s cousin told me that local people as well as local administration gave them special homage when they were in such a tough condition. I wish every body comes on the same page and tries to understand the big picture while creating an environment of peace, plurality and humanity. God bless our homeland and may peace prevail on our dear homeland.

  4. Dear Mr.Fida Ullah
    Thank you very much for the thought provoking account of the recent Chilas incident and we salute your family members for protecting the innocent people of Gilgit Baltistan.We should all condem the brutal murder of the innocent people in Chilas and Gilgit city ,it is disgusting and barbaric by all standard.The sectarian fault line widen since 1988 massacre in Jalalabad under the Zia Ul Haq regime and subsequently fueled by the mullahs of the region.The ideological divide exist among the Muslim Ummah since 1400 years and I don,t think it could be resolved in near future,therefor the way forward is to accept diversity within Islam and promote tolerance.
    Regards and take care.
    Dr.Abdul Rehman Alvi

    1. I agree with u, and it is the fact that sectarian violence had spread in the Zia regime killing hundreds of people and creating an extremist environment and depriving from basic rights in G.B. Acceptance and tolerance concept over any issue is lacking in our society…..
      may Allah keep all of us united


  5. Dear Fida Ullah, I was really touched by your post. I totally agree with you that there are only few miscreants creating problems while majority are peace loving people. Come on all, join hands to make our GB once again a peaceful place to leave.

  6. Salam
    First of all i would like to extend my condolence for the families affected by the terrific incident in Chilas.
    Dear FidaUllah many of us have mix shia-sunni families in GB. If we were enemies we would have killed each others years before. It is right said that the small portion of a society wants to impose its decision over the whole society. It is now the responsibility of the the mature and responsible citizens to come forward and stop these extremists from destroying the peaceful atmosphere of GB. May Allah bless you and your family on this great act of courage and save from the harms from the enemy.
    At the end I want to quote an ayat from Holy Quran which means, “He who saves a life; saves the whole humanity”

  7. Salam Brother,

    Jazak Allah for your and your family daring act. I feel for peace and harmony you should identify all those culprits who are in that genocide of passengers that day. They should be uncovered and should be put in front of whole world. They are hiding in between 80% silent people. As you know to remain silent in place of zulm is siding with zulm.
    May people in Chillas not become zalim by keeping quite against this zulm.

  8. the brave actions of you and your family are commendable. may Allah give us all the strength to do the same when such a time comes.


    the statement that 80% of the people were against these killings seems hardly convincing. if it were so, how could they have let people being stoned to death.it means either they were not brave enough to stop the killings, or were in favor of them.And I dont think the people of Chillas are cowards.

  9. Salam
    Thanks Mr Fidaullah for sharing…..a great job done by your brother Mr. Liver Khan, about which we came to know on the very 1st day of incidence. I know there are many people like Liver Khan in Chilas and not all people like such kind of brutal events to be happen in our society. the matter of concern over here is that when Saniha-e-Kohistan happened, comments and news were floated on media that the terrorist act happened in Kohistan District but they came from Chilas (Diamer). Now it happened in the territory of Chilas,, Gonar Farm area…that means some ill wishers are still there playing negatively and have dominant place to support. if 80% people have peaceful mind, then y don’t they let those extremist to ruin our society and forcing our GB young generations towards extremism…???

    on the other hand, despite massive killing of innocent lives who never hurt chilasi person even in our own land (Gilgit-Baltistan), not a single person have been reported yet to be hurt in the reaction of that. To show an equal reaction even in Baltistan, was not that much difficult under such circumstances, but not a single political leader but all Ulemas (Religious Scholars)Think Tank and civil society of Baltistan had very wisely tackled the situation by spreading voice of peace for larger national interest and to bring prosperity and harmony in the region.

    What i want to request over here that people like LIVER KHAN AND THE YOUTH should come forward and play their role in their society positively in order to eradicate extremism and negative thinking and dominate over 20% ill wishers who are neither loyal to Islam nor to Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    I wish u a nice stay in Austria and a successful study of Tourism Management.
    At the end extend my thanks and best wishes to the hero Mr. Liver Khan, his family and his supporters.

  10. Fida, Hats off for such humans and their bold families for saving innocent fellow humans. Alas, there are a few who dare stand in such situations. In 2005, a DFO of Gizer showed such courage in Gilgit at the cost of his own life and profperty, now in Chilas and Sultanabad (Gilgit), respectively two bold youth repeated valour of this kind, again paying in exchange their precious life. I salute to all. Had they been in uniform, they would have been honoured with highest awards, but those poor fellows were only human, unfortunately….
    Almighty bless our people with awareness (roshni) and courage of identical nature that their forefathers did in presenting this pieace of land to our beloved motherland .. Mamlikat-e Khudad Pakistan.

  11. Dear Friends ,

    if shia and suni Muslims are different and if its allowed in there religion to kill innocent shia then i want to just ask one question that , when we are going for umra and haj in the holy Kaaba y there is no difference between all Muslim they are praying side to site and there is no band to perform umra and haj as there own manner ,dear friends we all should have too expose the hands behind these activities , those who thinks they are Muslim they will not do such acts by any means

  12. Dear Mr. Fida, thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts and narrating noble account of your family, lets not forget and vandalize this holy act of bravery by your brother and family in chilas, this act is ray of light which can be spread in the era of darkness, the only chance of getting out of this vicious cycle of sectarian hatred is to unite the peace loving people and forcefully condemn miscreant minority. You and your family’s role will be highly valuable.. Hope once you are back this initiative should be institutionalized and bridge the sectarian gap in GB.. wish you best of luck



  14. Wonderful exhibition of tolerance to curb animosity and hatred that prevails in GB today. We all should promote courtesy, Peace and tolerance similar to the great family of Chilas, who make us believe that the humanity is not yet extinguished from our hearts. We need to come out of this animosity and obstinate thinking for the seek of future generations to come in a loving, peaceful environment.

  15. My Dear Fida,
    your this letter is kind of bridge between different sects,as we all people of gilgit baltistan knows that there is no any conflict between locals. someone from outside is using locals for sectarian war in great GLT-BLN.I humbally request to all youth of GB to patiently find out who are those using our inocent people. who dont want peace in GB. Its a big problem of GLT-BLN to sort out those people. we are expecting and request the government agencies to play their role.

  16. Dear Fida ullah
    We salute you and your family especially your brother liver Khan for this bravery act to save humanity. I think this is a message for all people of GB that majority of people of Chilas and diamer district are peace-loving people.The people like Fidaullah are ray of hope for future of GB.
    God Bless our homeland…..

  17. Dear Fida,
    Kudos to Fida. We need more people like him. He should be recommended for a national award. Also thanks for sharing your ideas for peace and harmony.

  18. Dear Fida Ullah, well what to say… Thank you and your family for the kindness. I am sure the people who, received shelter in your families hands would speak of the protection they received and saved their lives eventually.
    Let, may say it will be indeed a true proof of the brotherhood, if people of Chilas, may please indicate the twenty or ten percent (20-10 %)of those enemies of humanity who, brutally killed the innocent passengers on the Karakorum High Way at Bounar / Gonar Dass in Chilas.
    I wish , Liver Khan and your family my best wishes. Bless you…

  19. Dear Fida,
    It’s great to read your letter. It’s a tear jerking incident and no one is safe now. We are not safe even in our own homes. But all we need to do is show tolerance and endurance. Back seat drivers and black sheep of these incidents can be brought into eyes of everyone but we aren’t ready because people get paid for this. It is your upbringing that has made you this and you must be proud of your parents. If all of us indoctrinate our children with peace, love and brotherhood There won’t be such incidents anymore. One thing that is very important is our leaders should be the symbol of peace and harmony. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of good leaders.
    Best wishes and prayers for the future of our Gilgit.

  20. Dear Fida,Indeed people of Gilgit-Baltistan are happy for the great sarifices of your family members despite imminent threats from the miscreants. It is the people of GB who safeguard their own interest not the mirs, peers,religious and ruling oligarchs.

    We also appreciate the people Nagir for giving protection to their brothers. Youth of GB has realizations about ailing economy of the region and its impact on householders. Majority of the peace loving residents of GB condemn exploitation in the name of religion and all are united against brutalities and inhuman act by few. LONG LIVE PEOPLE OF GB

  21. Dear fidaullah hum aap or ap ki faimly ko salam krtey hein.
    Hum buniadi tor pr eik hi abao ajdad ki aulad hein.
    1992 me nasir abad(hini) hunza me northren area distt level sports event tha.
    Us waqt baltistan diamer ghizer astor or gilgit ki team ayi hui thi.
    Chilas ki team b thi un me se chand nujawan larkun ne hamarey PT master sahib marhom malik shah sahib ko bataya ki hamara eik dada MELO dur islam se pehlay chilas melgush se maigrat krky yahan abad huwa ha.or hum log apny khandan se milna chatey hein.
    Mosuf Malik sahib khud usi qabeelay se taluq rakhtay thay.
    Tu unhun ne diamer chilas ka jawanu se wada kia ki me us khandan se ap logon ki mulaqat kr wawnga.
    Phir unhun ne taqriban 250 gharney jo Dado melo ki aulad hein un sub ko jama kia or eik beal(ox) zabha krky un ko daut pr mddo kia.
    Chilas ka tamam nujawan apny khandan ko deikh kr boht khush huwey.
    Aaj shinaki hini hunza me abad qabail shin jo darel diamer se aye huay hein.
    Dodoya chilas melgush se or yashkuns Gilgit se or yashkuns kabiley ki eik shaqh diamer ki taraf gai ha.
    Mashoor Azimo hamari qaum me se taluq rakhtay.
    Aaj kia firqa bandi hamey eik krney k bajai.nafratien or la taluqi peida kr rahi ha.
    Akhir khoon tu eik ha.

  22. hats off to ur family but wht u r mentioning tht 80% of the people were against those killings seems to b highly unacceptable coz if they were thn why thy doesnt stop the 20% ???????? and also hats off to the great people of nager valley who safely gave 35 suuni community members to the local adminstration.

  23. As a Belgian tourist , coming since 12 years , every year again and again to North of Pakistan , to Fairy Meadows , because I love that place and I have such lovely memories with all people from North : from Skardu , Gilgit , Chilas, Astore ,….I even don’t know the difference between Sjia and Soenni,
    You can find sectarian tensions all over the world. Each country has his own troubles;In Belgian we have dissension between French and Dutch communties , BUT killing each other= Beastly behavior!!
    I’ve always had lot of respect for moslims in Pakistan, I always appreciate their peaceful and respectful relation with tourists.
    Why then , they can not be peaceful with moslim brothers?
    Besides all the other troubles in Pakistan , how can I tell my friends and family that the mountains in North of Pakistan are worth to see , that the people in Pakistan are so friendly and hospitable? How can I convince European people to travel to Pakistan when moslimbrothers in Chilas and Gilgit are killing each other?
    Thank you, family of Liver Khan for giving the good example!
    May peace come back in the most beautiful place on earth!
    Lut Smismans , Belgium

  24. Fida sahib ,Really we salute all those individuals and families who work for integrity and peace of GB. It is matter of appreciable and applause that you and your family along with other note ables and peace makers practically followed the teaching and preaching of Our great Holy prophet peace be upon him. As rehmatulil Alimeen he expects with his followers to be source of happiness and safety for not only muslims for all humanity. We expect as torch bearer of peace and solidarity you would further continue your efforts to form social development forums aiming at creating peaceful environment in Diamer as well as in GB. Once again Salam to you ,your family and all well wishers who worked for safety of humanity. We, the GB people are like the children of one father. Our GB great heros had got freedom to live with peace and harmony, but unfortunately all our responsible people of GB had forgotten this motto and now we are ready to cut one another. May Allah provide Courage and intention to all of us to respect each other and live peace fully.

    Ali Mehr
    Social Activist

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