Gilgit - Baltistan

Foreigners evacuated from Gilgit

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Rawalpindi, April 8: As many as 120 foreigners, mostly tourists and aid workers, were evacuated from the restive Gilgit – Baltistan through a special C-130 plane operated by the Pakistan Army. The tourists were stuck in the region since imposition of a curfew one week ago.

Majority of the foreigners were from Japan, Korea and Thailand, visiting the region to observe the cherry blossom season.

The GB region has been plagued by curfew and protests since April 3, when sectarian clashes left at least twenty people dead and scores other were injured.

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  1. So what will they remember and tell their friends and press in their country?
    Gb was very pretty and worth a visit or there was curfew and killings and we were stuck in hotel for 4 days and were evacuated in Air Force plane.

    People of GB are destroying tourism

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