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[Breaking News] Chilas Massacre master mind arrested, 4 culprits handed over to government by grand jirga

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Chilas, April 16: Forces have arrested the central character behind the Chilas Massacre along with four accomplices, GEO News reported.

Meanwhile, a grand jirga of Diamar District has reportedly handed over 4 people accused of masterminding the Chilas Massacre to the GB government. The Jigra has also agreed to hand over 7 more people to the police after some time.

According to media reports the central Khateeb of Jama Masjid Chilas, Maulana Muzammil Shah has been taken into custody for allegedly masterminding the Kohistan and Chilas massacre. Others arrested include Anwar Zeb, Shamsul Haq and Sher Ghazi.

Leaders of the Grand Jirga have said that the efforts aimed at turning Diamer into Waziristan will be thwarted. GB administration has thanked the leaders of Grand Jirga for their cooperation.

It is pertinent to note that contingents of police and paramilitary forces had been sent to Chilas under the leadership of DIG Ali Sher for arresting the culprits.

8 thoughts on “[Breaking News] Chilas Massacre master mind arrested, 4 culprits handed over to government by grand jirga

  1. I hope Government will also nab those who have hurled grenade at a procession in Gilgit, so that justice is done across the board without any discrimination… the actions of the government will only be appreciated, if the culprits no matter which sect they belong are punished and make and example for those who were encouraged in the past as no criminal was ever convicted and given exemplary punishment… I appreciate the role of Grand Jirga in Chilas…

  2. well that is a great news and the effort must be appreciated by the GB Govt. and the locals. The criminals must be hanged,so that it will be a message for rest of the terrorists.

  3. It sounds really good that elders from diamer showed so much courage and humanity. May they be blessed with happiness and may we all be blessed with peace and brotherhood. I must thank them for the example they have set.

  4. Now it must be reciprocated by handing over criminals involved in saniha gilgit & ppl who murdered innocent sunnis & ismailies in gilgit,Nagir & sultanabad , otherwise one sided solutions will only worsen the situation.

  5. Let us hope for better for the time being. Otherwise if we look back to 1988 onwards, when GB was apparently invaded under the government patronage, and observe subsequent events, I doubt demonstration of seriousness from the part of the govt towards addressing the human catastrophe this time. It will be a foolish act if we focus current events in isolation without looking for such connections in the past. At least for Gods’ sake we should not go for appeals rather united to demand for the establishment of the writ of the government elsewhere in GB without any compromise or discrimination.

  6. The action against of criminals by Grand jirga of Diamar District.
    it is really grate work and My Allah Tabarak watala will reward all of you.
    as a common citizen of Gilgit-Baltistan I slam to all of you
    I hope the Gilgit Grand Jirja will follow the foot steps of Diamar District Girja.
    to hand over the criminals of Gilgit If all wants peace in the region otherwise one side
    effort will not bring peace in Gilgit Baltistan.

  7. terrorism is curse.everyone should condemn killing of innocent passengers by terrorist.we should unite and try to weedout the black sheeps.few so called clergy also involved in these incidents.people should co operate with law enforcing agencies so that peace prevail in GB…

  8. Terrorist must hang in front of the people of GB, otherwise the killing schedule remain continue.

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