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Rescue work continues on Siachen glacier

SKARDU, (SANA): Rescue operation for the soldiers buried ice at Gayari Sector of Siachen continued for the 16th day on Sunday despite the merciless weather conditions.

Despite further drop in mercury the rescue operations continue briskly. Mercury has dropped to minus 115 degree Centigrade but it has failed to lessen the spirit of the soldiers of the Pak Army to slow down rescue works.

Life jackets, medicines, pieces of tents and items used by the soldiers buried under ice are found during the rescue operations.

This has up the spirit of the rescue workers working in one of the hardest terrain in the world.

Pakistanis within as well as outside the country keep praying for the buried soldiers and collective prayers are being offered for them at cities and villages across the country.

The weather has once again turned very cold due to overcast conditions and chilling winds. The bad weather posing difficulties in rescue activities but could not affect the pace of work at site.

The excavation work is being expanded with the help of machinery. The rescuers have also changed their strategy and are now digging from the tip of the avalanche instead of from different locations.

The rescue teams are hopeful to reach the men buried under avalanche today.

According to ISPR, a probing search was also carried out at three spots. Some life jackets, pieces of Igloo and medicines have been found at the site. These items were found 600 Meters from the original location.The items recovered showed the magnitude of destruction and nature of the avalanche.

The entire process of striking down of avalanche took less than five seconds as intimated by WAPDA Team Hydrological experts.

139 men including 124 soldiers and 11 civilians were buried under the avalanche on April 07.

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