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Gojal: Educational relief cheques distributed among principals of 9 DJ Schools

Farman Gojali

Gilgit (TR): MLA Mutabiat Shah distributed cheques of educational relief among principals of 9 Diamond Jubilee Schools located in the disaster hit upper areas of Gojal Valley. General Manager of AKES, Ms. Khadija Khan, and GB Education Department’s Coordinator, Mr. Aziz Khan, were also present.

Speaking at the occasion MLA Mutabiat Shah said that the government has provided more educational and other relief to the disaster hit people of Gojal Valley, as compared to any other part of the country. He said that in view of the higher literacy rate in the region special attention is being paid to fulfillment of educational needs.

He said that people of the valley had demanded educational relief in May 2010 during the then NDMA Chairman’s visit of Gojal Valley.

Ms. Khadija Khan hailed the educational relief and termed it to be a great support for the students and their parents.

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  1. we must not be UN-thankful for the blessings, and the support people are going to receive. Two years back it was announced that was the hardest time for the people and they were deserving help but, till now many students have left schools and colleges due to unavailability of tuition fee it is no use for them but it will help other students who are in the process of their education. the leaders from Hunza know we have different approach for our children’s education our first priority is education and that should be fulfilled in time.

  2. Great effort , when will they distribute the cheque for university students ,, the real effected people of Gojal
    3. Shisket..
    i thin the real affecties should be considered first.. thanks

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