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15 years old saves a drowning companion

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Amar Ali was swimming near the Konodas Bridge in Gilgit, when the tides swept him away, into the roaring Hanisara (local name of River Gilgit). Israr, a fifteen years old teenager, jumped into the river, seeing Amar drowning.

To the surprise and delight of hundreds of onlooker, Israr fought against the wild currents and was able to save life of his companion. With compassion, courage and skills, combined together, Israr was able to save a human life, a noble and laudable work indeed. 

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  1. I salute the courage, compassion and bravery showed by Mr. Israr to rescue a drowning fellow. It is the act of selflessness, the concept of brotherhood and above all an instinct of helping our fellow human beings in times of extreme danger that sets us apart from other animals. We the people of Giligit-Baltistan should take pride in having such people as Israr sahip amongst us. People like him are our heroes whose daily acts of kindness, compassion, dedication, hard work and commitment for larger than life acts forms the bedrock of our social existence.
    Bravo Israr!

  2. I salute the boy .Its a great talent which we have in our young youth.Saving one life equals to save the whole community .Such great braveryies are to be written in golden words.

  3. Allah has created all its creatures with some instincts, and humans being the superior creature is one of them but animals do not lose their instinct because they do not do politics, they do not lie, they do as they are programmed.

    In the case of human, unfortunately, this instinct is changed as they advance in their age, level of intellect and the lessons the segments of society teach him/her. Look at the suicides, who are brain washed by those who claim to be their teachers to blow themselves and destroy and damage to the scale of what we saw last evening in Islamabad.

    In my opinion Allah has created all of us with a perfect body and mind to do good but it is the society that has altered the great creation of Allah this extent.

    We the muslims should have been more careful to human and other creatures as we claim to be the followers of the latest religion of Allah – Islam, then others religions of the world.

    Are we real Muslims???????

  4. Dear Israr,
    You deserve great adulations and appreciations.
    We need such energetic and stout hearted brave young members of the society in every field of life.
    I salute your great bravery and may you get the rewards in many folds.
    Aslam Ghalib

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