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Hunza: Preparations on for opening of spillway, up to 10 meters height reduction expected

FWO jawans drilling the temporary blockade on spillway of dammed Hunza River. Photo: Abdul Waheed

PT Report

Hunza, February 17: The FWO has said that the extended date for opening of the dammed Hunza River’s spillway will not be changed. Meanwhile Jawans of FWO are busy boring holes in the temporary constructed blockade.

Some local people who recently traveled through the spillway have expressed relative satisfaction that this time significant change can be attained in height of the lake. “I don’t they will be able to reduce the height by 20 meters”, a traveler told Pamir Times, when asked in light of a recently published news item in a regional newspaper. “I think they might able to reduce it by 15 to 20 ft, at max”, the man said, while demanding not to be named.

Another visitor to the spillway,

Abdul Waheed, has expressed satisfaction over the excavation work being carried out by FWO. “This time it seems relatively better”, he wrote on facebook, while sharing a recent photograph of the spillway.

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  1. in general cases army gives quick responce to natural disasters but in this case they are slow going . they will do every possible step to start the pak china trade . lets give all the possible support to their objectives .

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