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RCMG distances itself from the protest drive of GB Chamber of Commerce

Special Correspondent

Gilgit, June 13: Rabita Committee Mutasreen-e-Gojal (RCMG) has distanced itself form the recent protest drive started by the GB Chamber of Commerce and Industries. “We are not part of the Dharna, Long March towards China border, cessation of government offices at Sost, interruption of the work on KKH and any other form of violence”, a statement released by Jahangir Shah of the RCMG to the media said.

The youth of Gojal Valley have been advised by the RCMG to not get involved in any unlawful activities as that may jeopardize their future, the statement further said.

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  1. Dear All,

    The high-ups with in the GB Government are using the name of Gojal from the last many years. They are doing their business on the dint of Gojalees> I do agree with the RCMG what they have decisioned that is a civilized way to solve the problems. Dialogue and only Dialogue.

    I personally request to all the YOUTH of Gojal to not be involve in such actions that later on create a bad name for Gojal & Gojalees.

    GB Chamber of Commerce is totally a different Organization and RCMG has a sperate goal and aim. So, we being a Gojalees have to keep the pace of decisions very carefully and on a long term plan remaining in the background of Local, National and international senirios.

  2. I request the youth of Hunza Valley to stay away from all sorts of protests.We believe in wisdom rather than emotions.Emotions mislead peaople.So don’t be emotional.Struggle for a better life.The nation is much dependant on youth, as you are the future of our nation.

    Jehangir Shah

  3. I agree with the comments of Mr. Toojik and Jhangir shah and request my youth of Gojal and people of Gojal to stay away from all kind of emotional activities we are peaceful people and loyal to our country Pakistan so, what ever is the situation, but we are true Pakistani and love our country, we can share our problems with Government at any time. Did you forget the actions of President of GB chamber of commerce at sost and Hussaini in last August 2011. we should not forget it. Last week he involved some Innocent people in an agitation and sent out a resolution with signature of very simple people.we must be careful.and we are not against of any Country China is our neighbor country we should have strong respect for this country.

  4. تمام نوجوانوں سے گزارش ہے کہ وہ حکومت مخالف سرگرمیوں سے دور رہے اپنے مسایل حکومت تک پہنچانے کے اور طریقے بھی ہیں. جو ایک باشعور قوم کی طرح حکومت وقت تک پہنچادے . شکریہ

  5. Thanks to all who appriciated the dicission of RCMG regarding the recent strike at sost by GBCCI. As we witnessed the situation of the previous years that our struggle for the ultimate right was jeopardized and the socalled provincial govt turned all the cases towards our youth. This recent call of strike is also a part of the engineerd action to drag our youth into the battle field and to divert all the benifit to the particular mafia. The Hussaini incident of 6th August and Aliabad incident of 11th August are the best example of the planted game. Unfortunatally our elected members have no vision to analyse andhandle the situation and thus we are suffering. We must be very vigilant and active.To distance ourselves in a particular situation donot mean that we have stopped our ultimate struggle.

  6. Wow Goood idea to stay away from this strike what this people have done for our area nothing just trying to use our area name for thier benefits leave us alone. please stay away Hunza Gojal youth.

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