Gilgit - Baltistan

89% population of GB registered, says NADRA Chairman

Islamabad, August 18: Chairman National Data Registration Authority (NADRA) has said that registration process of 89% of Gilgit – Baltistan’s population has been completed. He made the statement today while briefing the Prime Minister.

He said that registration centers, mobile registration vehicles and registration units are working across the country to register the population and prepare voter lists.

He further informed that 99.5% population of KPK and Azad Kashmir,  99% population of the Punjab, 88% population of FATA and Sindh and 76% population of Baluchistan have been registered so far.

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  1. I am guessing that they are not counting children here and that they are referring to above 18 age population _ my afrgument would be that a large percent of the population is children and are not represented on B forms – this affects their whole lives as date and year of birth is forgotten and ven many children live and die without being recognized and counted by the government – birth registration is required – Now the parents are registered recognize the children as citizens with rights

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