Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Expose the conspirators, Naji demands from Rehman Malik

Our Correspondent
Gilgit: MLA Nawaz Khan Naji has said that whether it is the “third hand” or the “first hand” or any other hand, Rehman Malik should expose the conspirators who have disrupted law and order in Gilgit – Baltistan.

He made the statement yesterday while talking to media. He said that instead of issuing ambiguous statements and creating confusions in the region, the authorities should expose the conspirators, if they know them, and bring the realities in front of the public.

2 thoughts on “Expose the conspirators, Naji demands from Rehman Malik

  1. Naji has rightly mentioned….Mr. Rehman Malik please expose the forces otherwise people will think that you yourself are actually doing it for “the third force”.

  2. This is helpless ever, government.They are limited to press releases only. This is not only first time that RM said about “Third Hand” actually he is try to blame INDIA for sure….

    Every government’s policy is the same if they failed to solve the issues, then just to go for “Third Hand” or India actually this government is responsible for all this law and order situation in GB because the incidences are not happenings once only.

    The same ilk of incidences are happening again and again, so called Government and security forces doing just nothing except press releases.

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