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4 killed, 10 injured in KKH van accident near Chatar plain, Mansehra

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Gilgit: A NATCO hi-roof van has fallen in a gorge near the Chatarplain area in Mansehra District, killing at least four people and injuring around 10, including the driver.

A passenger informed Pamir Times on phone that the people from other vehicles who have stopped to help the victims are facing difficulties in rescue efforts due to darkness and heavy raining. The van was part of a “caravan” moving on the Karakoram Highway under the supervision of security forces.

Three of the victims have been identified. Their names are; Abdul Karim, Muhammad Ali and Tahir. Muhammad Ali and Tahir were, reportedly, soldiers of Pakistan Army.

By 3 O’clock in the night the injured were shifted to nearby hospitals.

The van was moving from Giglit to Rawalpindi. The accident, reportedly, took place at around 1 O’clock mid night.


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  1. We, as a nation, the people of GB should come out without out wearing shoes and opened shirts buttons in an open field to seek collative forgiveness to Allah Almighty from our sins.

    Secondly, NATCO and other Transport Organizations should arrange training session on safety measures that necessary to ensure on High Ways and Motor ways. Most of the drivers hired are staring drivers Or they have experience of driving valley and village transports. They do not know the traffic roles, over taking ethics and care should be taken crossing un-visible turnings, resulting such accidents.

    May Allah Almighty give a rest to the departed souls in their eternal life and the give a quick recovery to the injured passengers?

  2. this is so sad news and the graph of accidents particularly road ,is increasing drastically. So much care and preventive plan needs to be taken .

  3. May Allah rest the departed souls in the eternal peace and recovered injured persons.It is noticed that no session is arranged for drivers to overcome in turbulances.

  4. “In’na LilLah-e wa Inna elaihe ra’jeun”. May rest the departed soul in eternal peace.ameen

  5. May Allah rest the departed souls in eternal peace and give the courage to bereaved family. It is also shocking that accident took place due to over speed ,the drivers should be bound to avoid exceeding a certain speed limit.

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