The devil lies within!

Khayam Muhammad Baig

Revenge! Revenge ! revenge a bloody continuous revenge, indeed a
moment of crushing humanity & radicalization.Why ?

My land of peace Gilgit-baltistan which is called heaven on earth has
been brutally transformed into a war zone of target killing,
From the top desk it would be claim as a conpiracy against GB taken by
aliens on earth or a process to disturb chineese influence by
portraying the vulnerability of KKH. A lot was said ! it might be true
but lets take image on other side, there s still more to depict from
shia geonocide , taliban bloody play game on kkh & target killing of
local businessmen in Gilgit.

While having the seat on this row , picture seems much more clearly.
Questions arises ? who created this hatred ? who took the initiative of discrimination ?
Who started it first?

Khayam Muhammad Baig

Sadly, I conclude the evil is in ourselves . we brought hatred into
our hearts by making our lives vulnerable. A shia can’t walk in
sunni territory, a sunni can’t move in shia’s place and a ismaili
is stuck in his in own home.

We play like this ?

Kill one, they ill kill two , so on turns & thus it continues till
now. We are living in our safe heavens shia, sunni & ismaili. Everyone
is in race of declaring himself a better Muslim than the other sect
fellow .Superiority complex s twinkles in our mind who is better than
who ? pardon me but that’s a shit

Though Quran Pak says humanity and brotherhood but look at us , we are ready
to kill each other on single slogan of our regional clerics who have
abducted our faith, our decision & our prime values for acting in
society. Everyone is self centered , busy in making strong high walls
oh his safe heaven.I am afraid we are rooting evil far efficiently in
our young generation than we did it in past. turn the next page !
Our political heroes start from Mehdi shah sahib to Hafiz ur rahman
sahib are still wondering of political gains & unable to breach the
deterrent to make it to national media. GB is drowning into the hatred
and blood.

Curfews imposed , no one allow to leave his house , closed markets !
damp business ! food shortages! Roads blocked ! target killers pace
freely like molecules ! schools closed ! children future is at stake?

Is this the way , we want ourselves to be treated ?
Story continues ? two pathans being killed ?security guards are being
attacked ! business is highly damaged ? 1000s are thinking to migrate
to other parts of country leaving their near one s. a suzuki drives
frustrates and move to choose heroin to get wrat from pain & emotinal
suffering who lacks to feed his family. Congrats comrades for living
hatred to make such thing possible.

Allah is watching us brothers ! there s still time,. Lets think beyond
our walls and boxes. There’s peace , love. Who ever we are Shia, Sunni
or Ismailis we are Muslims. We pray to one God, study in one school,
sit in one bench than why so much gap between the shores of our souls.
Think about it . Gob bless Gilgit-Baltistan

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  1. So sad! that’s what happens when Pakistani establishment comes to our doorsteps. Terror commenced by Ziaul Haq, our beautiful GB turned into Liyari and North Waziristan.

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